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23 Yrs Old, 6', 206lbs. 6 Years Progress - Critique?

142lbs, 17 y/o

190lbs 20y/o

22 y/o 215lbs

23 y/o 206lbs

Used airbrush on last photo, just to smooth-tool over a little shoulder acne so it didn’t distract.

So yeah, I am 6’ exactly, bodyweight is now 206, highest weight was 242 which I’ll try to find photos of. I recently caliper tested at 11% bodyfat, hoping to get down to 5 or 6% and hold there until I’m ready to slowly build again. Honest thoughts and criticism appreciated.


But legs


Be honest, did you need that big of a blur?

Also, who in the world are you taking filtered nudes for?


Look great dude. Nothing much else to say… barring a little and I do mean little fat in the FUPA your pretty dialed in. Nice work.

Nice work, it takes years of dedication. As you said it would be cool to cut down on some fat just to see the results better.

What are your macros? Do you follow a specific training regime?

Does anyone remember that one dude who took his physique photo using an actual camera in a dark room? I think he had one little yellow shorts. Got a weird vibe from that dude.

Thanks, and yeah I actually just cut back on my macros, I’m really trying to scale back and get the cuts.

Currently at:
2371 cal, 219 carbs, 207 grams of protein, 74 grams of fat.

That’s a heavy deficit for me, so I may have to bump it up soon.

The split I run is:

Day 1: Legs (Heavy, Low Rep) - This day is Squat and Deadlift centric.
Day 2: Chest and Triceps (Alternate between Heavy and Light) - At least 10 sets of Bench, dumbbell or barbell.
Day 3: Shoulders and Back (Light, High Rep)
Day 4: Biceps and Legs (Light, High Rep)
Day 5: Forearms, Triceps, Biceps, Abs, Calves
Day 6: Back and Shoulders (Heavy, Low Rep) Lots of heavy rows, sometimes rack-pulls.
Day 7: Cardio and Abs

Just started including 30 minutes to an hour of slow cardio, in the form of running, walking, or stair-master, or alternatively I’ll work in higher intensity cardio consisting of short rounds of ladder drills, jump-rope, or heavy bag work.

I swear the FUPA is the absolute hardest area for me to get rid of. Hoping all this cardio will flatten it out. I haven’t had that particular cut locked in in almost 5 years.

I took them for the forum. I just figure it’s better than my photos coming out orange and absent of all detail, my phone is an older android so the camera is trash, filters help balance out the distorted color profile a little.

great looking overall. however, imo lats look the least impressive.

So you wanted to see his legs, but have an issue with a shot of his legs. Fair enough.

OP, amazing work. Solid shape and very dense. I think for actual serious critiques though, it needs to be the worst full front lighting. No downcast lights, no filters. Just you in normal poses in front of a camera.

OP honest answer

Last pic you were running gear? your traps are huge, and the right facing nipple is sagging a bit. Could be onset of mild gyno.