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23 Yr Old with High SHBG, Normal T, Low Free T and Low Iron


Oh dear every 2 weeks, you need to split that up once weekly. I usually never recommend weekly dosing unless the guy has high SHBG. The problem with injections every 2 weeks is your T levels shoot above the top of the range and by the second week take a deep plunge which might allow for SHBG to rise again while everything else is lower and you’ll end up feeling it. You wouldn’t want a finely tuned sports car running at optimal only some of the time would you? I’m amazed at how easily you got treatment in Australia of all places, Australia is strongly against TRT! 125 mg is a good starting point, you may require more to get over the top of that SHBG.


Yeah, I did a shot of 125mg last night. I agree with you that 125mg may be a bit low for me, but it’s certainly a fantastic start. Especially in Australia, where testosterone is supremely difficult to get prescribed. I’m seeing my doctor again in January, to examine my results and see if we can bump it up to 150/175mg weekly.

Any advice regarding using a SYRINGE of PRIMOTESTON DEPOT for 2 injections rather than 1? I can obviously replace the needle used, but is that sterile?


Once you open the glass vial, store the remaining test in syringe and place cap on needle and store in cool dry place. The problem really is doctors are scared to prescribe, afraid of getting in trouble. The doctors that know what they’re doing have nothing to fear. Hopefully in time things will change and perhaps all countries can have access to the medically seal glass vials that can be punctured multiple times making dosing much easier.


Actually it’s a syringe with a separate needle, see the photo attached. So my question is, after I’ve used the syringe with a needle once, and then dispose of that needle, would it be safe to get a brand new needle, put it on the syringe and inject the rest?

p.s. the photo is not mine, dont worry about the expiration date
Primoteston Depot


Oh I see, that’s actually way better than the ampules design. All you would need to do is replace the needle, inject and toss out needle, then when it’s time for another injection install new needle.


That’s the plan. How long have you been on TRT?


I’ve been on TRT for 8 months. I was put on weekly injections which for a low SHBG guy is inadequate, join this forum and 17 weeks in I start injecting twice weekly which felt like a step in the right direction. I then read about others who had SHBG slightly higher than mine who had noticed big improvements switching to an EOD protocol, so I made that move 6 weeks ago and within the first week knew it was by far the biggest difference I’ve noticed yet on TRT. I could only imagine where I’d be right now if I had started out on EOD injections. You hold onto your testosterone a little too well, we low SHBG guys dump most of our T into our urine via kidneys, we need to get our free T high since we are dumping a lot of it.


I learned the interaction between high SHBG and testosterone from my doc. And now I’ve learned how it works in the reverse from you!

What is the most positive life change you have experienced from 8 months of TRT?


So far the biggest improvement is my mood/personality, even my family is stunned. I will find my family around the corner asking/talking about where this personality is coming from, even the looks I get from family is eye opening. There are three stages with how TRT affects you, first is mental/mood/energy, then improved workouts with quick muscle recovery, then finely erections return in full force lastly do to slow improvements in venous leakage.

I would say in the last month I’ve noticed the most difference in muscle tone and my brother noticed my veins in my arms are starting to show, he told me he never saw that before at any point in my life. My SHBG 4 weeks after starting TRT was 18 nmol (pre-TRT 25) which is just barely below the threshold of low, I’m hoping the smaller more frequent injections will help. Naturally produced testosterone has little effect on high SHBG, often guys SHBG starts climbing and his testosterone increases to compensate for low free T, but is a losing battle. Me being 70 pounds overweight and having type 2 diabetes only lowers my SHBG, when I get the strength I will start working out at the gym to try to increase my SHBG.

Testosterone that injected has a profound effect on SHBG levels, which is great news for you!


That’s really awesome to read that you experiencing life-changing effects! What’s even better is that the world around you is serving as a mirror to see that effect so clearly.

Yeah, I’m keen to see the changes from TRT!

Have you seen the ‘Free Testosterone Uncaged’ by ApexAnabolic?



Just posted a three month update top of the thread.


You’re going to have to maintain high normal testosterone levels in order to keep your SHBG at bay. You can dissolve Anastrozole in vodka and microdose the AI is needed as your just barely above range. If you can get the Anastrozole compounded into smaller dosages (.125) this would be ideal. It all comes down to how well you feel.

I would stay clear of plant based diets and alcohol as this just increases SHBG. It’s great to hear you’re feeling like new man, I know exactly what you’re talking about. If you’re feeling this good at 3 months you just wait till 6 months to a year, it only gets better!


Yeah, I’m glad to see the effects kicking in. Hey, I was thinking of doing 0.5mg every 3rd day, that would come to 2mg every 10 days, which is well aligned with my 250mg per 10 days of testosterone according to KSMan’s recommendations in a another thread. I could do what you are recommending too, is that an every day dosage?


AI dosing is based off labs, yours is barely high. Question is do you have symptoms? If you do that’s why I suggest getting Anastrozole compounded into smaller dosages otherwise you’ll soon find out what crashed E2 levels feels like and it isn’t pretty.


Yeah got swollen joints especially ankles. Per reading earlier, target is 22-25 pg/ml suggested by ksman, mine is 39.5 pg/ml. Let’s say I did do compounding the way you suggested, how often would you recommend? Doing 0.5mg bombs is probably not the right way to go hey.


I missed this thread with a death in the family. I will not go through it all.

You can inject then swab the T needle and recap. Then to inject the remainder, remove cap, swab again and allow the alcohol to flash off before injecting.

You can dissolve anastrozole 1mg/ml in vodka and dispense by the drop or by volume. A small dropper bottle works well. Suggest two doses per week with a 60:40 split so to match varying T levels. You can dose at time of injections.

Glad you hear that you are transformed.

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  • I’ve figured a system with the T-injections, so I’m all good on that side.
  • Dissolving anastrozole in vodka and measuring drops for proper administration - also check.

The question I have is regarding dosages:

  • Your 60-40 suggestion was probably aimed towards Test Cypionate. I inject 125mg test E every 5 days, which comes to 250mg every 10 days, a total of 25mg per day. Now, if I use your formula of 1mg anastrozole for every 100mg of test, this brings me to 1.75mg of anastrozole weekly. So, do you think it’s better for me to administer EOD, dosages of 0.5mg that takes me to 1.75mg weekly OR to administer every 5 days together with my T-shot in a bigger dosage?

I’m sorry to hear and very much appreciate your feedback especially during what you’re going through, stay strong.


Hi ghouligan, are you using the same needle twice for the Primoteston depot, or do you change the needle?
I want to do 50mg E3.5D, for the 250mg/ml in the Primoteston it would last 2.5weeks. Is it safe to use the same needle 5 times?


Hey Wilson, it’s absolutely NOT safe to use the same needle more than once. With my Primoteston it comes with a needle that’s MASSIVE (see image below) and I don’t use that one at all. Instead, I got some 25 gauge needles from Terumo. I attach these needles to the Primoteston Depot syringe and inject. After injecting, I dispose of the needle and recap the syringe and put it away for use 5 days later per my 125mg E5D protocol. Hope that answered your question and brought some light on the matter.

Compare the size of those needles. The one on the left is the standard one. Like what were they thinking?


Thank you, that is a lot better.