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23 Yr Old Student Looking for Advice/Ratings

Hey everyone, I’m a 23 year old college student who would like to get some critism on my body from professionals in the industry. I want advice from those who are better built than me so I can improve my physical condition and compete in body building competitions.

I’m 6’2 206lbs.

My diet consists mostly of veggie, pasturized egg whites, and fruit smoothies daily, as well as packed sandwiches. I also do enjoy eating out on occassion.

My suppliments include Creatine, and Protein Powder, 5htp, Vitamin K, Multi-viti, B-complex, Fish Oil, and Vyvanse for ADD

I have never used or plan to use testosterone suppliments.

My workout schedule is typically 5-6/7 days a week 6:00am-8:00am. With outdoor running on the off days.

Although I love hearing good things, I could most use the negatives.

I would appreciate your opinion. <3







Well unfortunately on this forum I don’t think too many professionals are going to be looking at your physique. You might have some very knowledgeable people but if you’re thinking about guys like Shelby Starnes then they aren’t going to see this. I think you have a pretty good balanced physique.

Being as tall as you are I think you’ll need to put on quite a bit more mass to compete competitively. I would suggest going out and doing a competition to get the experience. Working on putting some more mass on though but you have a great start.

Thanks for the suggestion. What would you suggest for increasing mass? Do you think the 6/7 days is too frequent or perhaps a matter of simply eating more?

It honestly depends on how hard you’re lifting and how much volume it is. I lift anywhere from 4-6 days a week. Make sure you’re always shocking your body with different rep schemes and exercises. Otherwise you just need to eat clean foods and a lot of them. I shoot for 1.5g pro per lb of bodyweight, 1.5g carbs per lb bw, .75g fat per lb bw. Start there and if you’re not growing bump those numbers up.

You’ve built a very solid base, but if you want to make improvements in the future and at some point weigh significantly more than 200 pounds, you might want to seriously rethink training 5-7 days a week and living off of “pasteurized egg whites” and “fruit smoothies.”

Got some more photos here 4&5 months out from competition: up 20 lbs from the last picture and I intend on going up 20 more…

Any feedback is great…








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