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23 Yr Old New to Powerlifting, Need Help


23 years old
110kg in body weight
6ft 3in
Deadlift - 270kg
Squat - 220kg
Bench press - 150kg

Could use some advice from experienced lifters/coaches on training and diet


The first question the experience guys are going to ask you is how are you currently training?


and eating. What did you eat yesterday?


read pretty much any 10 articles on this site


You mean competitive powerlifting, right?
So you want diet advice with regards to competing?


Yes competitive powerlifting.

Generally my daily diet is something like this
Meal 1: 150g oats and a banana
Meal 2: 150g pasta/potatoes and 200g beef
Meal 3: protein and carb shake (50g protein and 50g carbs)
Meal 4: 150g rice, 250g chicken and veg
Meal 5: same as meal 3
Meal 6: pre workout drink (50g carbs plus creatine and bcaas)
Meal 7: 5 eggs and 1 tin rice pudding

Training is jim wendlers 5-3-1 training.