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23 Yr Old, Low Libido, Energy Fatigue, No Erections


Hi everyone. So I noticed there are a lot of these types of questions and people generally seem quite informative and helpful. I have been suffering with no libido and erection problems for 5 years now. I feel like I have all the symptoms of low testosterone despite my levels being quite high.

Is there anything from my recent blood test that could be making me feel this way?


147 pmol/L (44-156)

Prolactin 211mIU/L (86-324)

Testosterone 29.5 nmol/L (7.6-31.4)

Thyroid stimulating hormone 1.26 mIU/L


Please read the advice for new guys sticky.

  • note first paragraph
    *** We need more info about you. ***

We need to find the cause. Please fill in the blanks:
hematocrit [probably part of CBC]
fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose
AM cortisol - do labs at 8AM

Check your body temperature when you first wake up and in the mid-afternoon.
See the thyroid basics sticky for more info and also note references to iodine and iodized salt.

If body temperatures are low do these labs:
fT4 [not T3. T4]
If fT3 is mid range or higher and body temperatures are low, also test rT3

You need to reduce E2 [estradiol]. This can be done with anastrozole. E2 might be elevated because of:

  • liver is not able to clear estrogens
  • LH is too high [very rare]
    Liver function can be altered from medications and/or alcohol. Toxins or liver disease can be a factor.