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23 Yr, 148lbs Raw Female- WON My First Powerlifting Meet!


Hey Ladies,

(I just posted this elsewhere first...Strength Sports)

Yesterday, I won my first meet :slightly_smiling: Best Overall Female Lifter and won my weight in junior and open, setting 7 records for the APA-WPA federation!

For all the videos...


I've been training for about 2 years, mostly in DC training with my trainer, but then we got guided over to Powerlifting training by another powerlifter. I love it!


Congratulations!! :slightly_smiling:


Congrats! Great numbers!



Congratulations, indeed!Awesome job!!


That's very impressive. Congratulations.


you are awesomely amazing! that is a HUGE accomplishment! I'm looking to start powerlifting in a few months. the feeling of pure strength you get in powerlifting is like nothing I've ever experienced and I'm sure you know EXACTLY what I mean :slight_smile:

great job ginger!


Very Nice!!!! I know it feels good!!
I watched your vids and it says your 185 didn't count, what did they call you on?



hey ladies! Thanks for the support!

The 185 didn't count because I racked it before he said RACK! I started moving my arms back too quick. Major bummer! I went for a third but I got it half way up and held it there for probably 5 seconds before I had to let it go!

I love it though! The HIGH from competing is something I've never felt before! And to win, to place new numbers, definitely not something I thought I'd ever accomplish two years ago! Keep training!



(And I just saw your bench record on your profile! Sick! I'm gonna have to keep training so if you and I ever meet up at a comp --even though you're in a lighter weight class!-- I'll be able to give you a run for your money!