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23 Yr, 148lbs Raw Female- WON My First Powerlifting Meet!


Hey Guys, check it out!

Won my first meet :slightly_smiling: Best Overall Female Lifter and won my weight in junior and open, setting 7 records for the APA-WPA federation!

For all the videos...


I've been training for about 2 years, mostly in DC training with my trainer, but then we got guided over to Powerlifting training by another powerlifter. I love it!


squat looked a wee bit high but the bench and dead looked easy! nice job at the first meet where abouts are you training?



Yeah, it was my 4th squat that morning 'cause it was a potential record setter, so I only went as barely low as I needed to! But I promise I broke the barrier!

I train in Burlington, VT.


nice job,
I dont think anything else needs to be said about that
keep it up.

I wish I had a cute ass girl to seriously train with that would be so cool.


:slightly_smiling: Thanks MaddyD!


THATS AWESOME!! CONGRATSS....so if you dont mind me asking, how did that powerlifter guide you into powerlifting? did you go right into it or were you kinda against it at first? I ask cause my girl would come watch me compete and look assbag bored, so i told her she should compete. She comes to the gym enough but I cant get her to do the big 3 cause she is CERTAIN she will get too big(i know i know, but she wont listen to me...im "Hyoooggee" to her:-P) So a girls perspective on it would be great :slight_smile:


You got some impressive lower back strength.{given your gender and size} I like how you pulled conventional over sumo unlike most women lifters tend to. I wish there where more women like yourself out there. Keep up the good work.


Nice job. I have a stupid question. What did you get dq for at 185?


It got disqualified because I started to rack it before he said "Rack!"....I didn't wait.


hey - well for about a year and a half I was training bodybuilding style, DC (DoggCrapp training by Dante Trudel), and the other trainer is a powerlifter so he set me up with some powerlifting programs and taught me all the form and technique stuff.

You can't force it onto someone. If you're girlfriend doesn't love the idea of lifting new numbers off the floor, maybe it's not her thing! I grew up with lots of brothers and have always been fascinated with strength.


haha, I just reread your post and saw that she thinks she'll get too big!! Most of the women I was competing with were little things, cute, feminine sexy.

Tell your girlfriend I'll give her a hundred dollars if she gets "too big." Unless she's doing juice, she won't get anything but like the sight of a strong lean woman!


Keep training!

You'll look at when you've been in it a decade and thing "wow, I've been doing this that long?"

You'll break 1000 sooner or later.


Helllls yeah! Thanks Synthetickiller! This is just the beginning. Gotta work on my form for everything too of course :slightly_smiling:


I KNOW!! my last local competition a highschool sent at least 6 girls to compete (Note im 19 so im NOT a petifile) and they all looked dddaaammmnnnnnnn goooodddddd....of course she asked why she doesnt look like them beings shes in the gym as much as me.....shes one of those cardio bunnies who treadmill/elliptical the entire time im brusin the shins.....so whats your fav lift????


Just wondering, what sort of routine are you using?

My I've been trying to adapt sheiko to what my g/f does, but well, its not ideal for a beginner IMO compared to other routines.


I love 'em all!! I was most unsure of my squatting ability until yesterday...still gotta work on the form for all of them, but I love them all.


That's what I thought. Damn it!


Congrats. Glad to have you here.


Oh that's a complicated answer. I was following a russian bench program, a different program for squats and a different program for deads. For a while I was benching 4 days a week, deads 3 days a week and squats just once. THen went into the basics with bench on mondays starting 70 percent, then tuesdays squats, thursday closegrip bench, and saturdays deads. THen it goes up to 75 percent, then 80, etc. With a lot of assistance circuit routines after the main lifts.


Hey Im a type1 too and like some of the links... Good shit and I wish I woulda had some of the support yall got when I was a teen(pushin 30). Keep up the good work