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23 YO Figure Competitor


Here are the pics from my first contest this past weekend. I won't post workout and weights as they wouldn't be relevant to the general population anyway.




For some reason I can't score your pic, but I would give you an eight. Has nothing to do with how pretty you are. Honest.

Do need more pics though. Back looks pretty good imo.


Me in the middle :slight_smile:


Before water cut.


You need a better photographer. Call me.


First you are EXTREMELY PRETTY. That will go a long way for you in comp and in life as I'm sure you know.

Best features are your upper back & shoulders love the shoulders.

Need more work leaning out enough (abs) and hamstrings need work. Your calves could also be questionable.

Very nice.
For your first comp AMAZING.
For the general population a perfect ten.


Yea i agree with Hallowed, calves/hamstrings, none the less, your gorgeous, and have an awesome body overall!! great job, keep up the good wok and i wish you luck in your future competitions, im sure you have a bright future if you keep at it


more, higher quality pics needed! :slightly_smiling: but looking great!


If you are interested in critique.

Your shoulders are great. But they overshadow everything else. You dont have a particularly wide frame so you'll need to add some back width to balance out your upper body. More attention to the rear delts is a good idea too.

Delts also overpower your arms a bit too. But that's less noticeable from the front.


I don't know much about figure compeitions, but you look hot. Only complaint about figure competition is the judges like women with no ass.


Back development looks great. And you do stand out from the two competitors on either side of you with muscle development and fullness. Best of luck to you.


wow great work


It appears as though your quads absolutely destroy the two women you are standing next to.

I know nothing about figure though

good job


whack those triceps with some "psuedo-power lifting" - a little more triceps & your back will look even better!

gotta get you some extra life to those calves too, do you do any jump training currently?

deep strecth pause calf raises combined with jump training is the first training strategy that comes to mind when i look at your calves

yes your shoulders rock, very sweet look,

remember, tri's tend to respond best to heavier pressing movements
you also have a high calf, (harder to change) so spend some extra time timkering with some jumping/change of direction drills, glute-ham raises accentuating your toe pressure, etc - just lifting will be a tough way to get them to "match up" to all of your potential - you can bring 'em out it will just take a few years

keep it up!


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Who said that we on T-Nation are the general population? We also lift things up and put them down. So, if you don't mind: Stats, routine, diet please?