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23 Years Old: No Facial Hair...


For some reason I got hit by the ugly stuck of genetics and I didn't hit puberty until after I graduated high school. I didn't start developing hair on my crotch and under my arms until I was about 19 years old. I'm 23 years old now and I still can't grow a beard. The only place I can grow facial hair is on my chin and it's fairly spread out. I don't even use shaving cream and I only shave about once a week or so. I just scrape it off with a razor and I'm done.

I'd like to be what people consider normal. I want to have real facial hair. Is this something I should talk to a doctor about? I already have gyno so I'm hesitant to try any steriods or testosterone replacement for fear of it worsening. And that's all I can see a doctor recommending.

My diet and training are perfectly in check, although I just started lifing weights a few weeks ago. I'm currently lifting three days a week and doing cardio every other day. I have a fairly large body frame and I'm 6 foot 2 inches tall. I don't have any medical problems and my blood work always comes back normal. I haven't actually had testosterone levels checked though..

What do you guys recommend? I've considered natural test boosters but I'm not sure whether it would be worth the money. I'm really interested in talking to someone that has been in this situation before. Is it even possible at this point or have I pretty much missed the opportunity?


If you are a "late bloomer", don't worry so much, because when the beard does grow, it is a bitch to keep shaved (if that's what you want). However, if you feel that there is some sort of imbalance, see a doctor. But judging by the fact that you said your blood work comes back normal, I'd say wait and see. Maybe you should have your T-level checked to see if you are deficient.


Consider yourself lucky. I'm tired of shaving everyday. Don't be in any big worry or hurry. It will come.


It sounds like you should see a doctor. Also, cut out the soy. Start reading the labels of the foods you eat. It is in a whole lot of stuff these days and none of it is very good for you. There are also a few articles in the archives on the evils of soy. Read Them, Lift heavy, Eat Clean.
p.s. Facial hair isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Have you seen the price of razors lately? ouch!


Exactly. Plus it goes gray like the hair on your head.


Jeeze man, im 18 and allready sick of shaving everyday, you got lucky!


Not necessarily. It also depends on his ethnicity or genetic inheritance. I know I didn't grow much facial hair until I hit college. I don't think I grew a full beard until maybe my junior year. I remember not getting chest hair until 25 yet I doubt anyone would think my testosterone levels were low.

There are many of African decent who are just not hairy. I am almost 30 and I still don't have much chest hair at all. I can grow a full beard now, but it took years to finally grow in all of the way.

I knew kids in high school who had full chest hair and facial hair at the age of 14 and 15. We all aren't made the same. It doesn't mean there is something wrong with his hormone levels.


I don't have any good advice on growing facial hair, probably just wait it out and your day will come (and sooner than later you'll hate it like everybody else too).

I will say one thing though, nothing looks dumber than a kid who can't grow facial hair, who's actually trying to sport some facial hair.

For example: patchy beards, the skinny line thing that has all the gaps, the mustache that's really made up of seven black hairs and some peach fuzz, the sideburns that in no way match the hair on the head, etc.

Although we were all probably guilty of one or more of these in high school, the fact remains that these are all bad ideas, and you'll never get laid if you were crappy lokking facial hair. At least you have the sense to "scrape off" those few hairs on your chin and not grow it out and refer to it as "my goatee"

Congrats bro on not being that guy, and see a doctor if you're that worried about growing some face fuzz. You should probably just settle for the "clean" look for now.

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Can't hurt to get your testosterone checked, but like Prof. X said it's not necessarily indicative at all. Expecially if you have no other reason to suspect low T.



if youre genetics suck, then you are shit out of luck, assed out just like me. Doesn't mean you should give up on anything, it just means you should realize that there are very real limitations to what you can and can't achieve physically.


Uh, I do believe this is about facial hair.


I've been shaving since forever, but at 22 years old, I'm still waiting for my growth spurt, as I never even got one. If I could just take some of this facial hair growth and get my bones to grow like that for a few months, then I'd be in business!

I guess some of us just get the shit end of the stick, nobody is perfect, but be happy with what you have and make the most of it.


Do the men in your family have the same facial hair "issues" (more like a blessing if you ask me) that you do? I wouldn't worry too much, bro. Just eat clean and research the heck out of the articles on this site.


Growth spurts aren't fun man. I think any tall guy here will tell you, puberty was a painful experience. I remember one summer, I grew 6" in about 10-12 weeks and my joints took turns swelling up to the point where I could barely move without experiencing servere pain. Thank God that's over...


Boo hoo, I'm tall and have a full beard.

You guys telling the thread parent (and sympathetic posters) that he's "lucky" really aren't contributing anything to the conversation.

That is all.



Agree with ProfessorX. Chances are, you're just fine. And I will echo what the other guys here have said:

You are lucky. Shaving every friggin' day is annoying. Very. I wish I didn't look like a sasquatch when I get too far away from a razor.

Think about it this way: You are more evolved than me. :slight_smile:


Shaving every day is a pain in the arse. That's why I gave it up. I now have a beard that I keep short with a beard trimmer once a week. Ahhh...the beauty of it.

Man, don't sweat it out, I couldn't grow a full beard till I was 22, and I still have much more hair in the goatee area than on the rest of my face, but I don't care much.

Back in highschool I could grow a decent moustache and goatee while many of my friends didn't even shave. Now they all have facial hair, so your time will probably come.

Look on the bright side: I already had a huge moustache when I was 14 (which I never shaved) and I got made fun out of because of it. Nobody will ever make fun out of you because you look nice and clean shaven.

And I bet the girls just luuurve that smooth baby face of yours, huh? :wink:


This guy can't grow much of a beard either, doesn't seem to affect him much.


here, i will make you feel better. im 26 soon to be 27 and have the same problem... i have what you call the "teen wolf" syndrome... one minute nothing, the next minute sparatic long hairs... its ridiculous!

i dont know what's worse having to shave everyday with full facial hair, or having to do with with random hairs all over. sometimes i let it go just to see what it will do...i've been told to stop doing that!

but regardless, dont sweat it, sure i wish i could grow some chops, but i'll continue to wait. just think, it will pay off when your older and you'll look so much younger than everyone else (god i hate it when people say that!!!!)


sorry to hi jack this thread but i am just curious at to what age do you actually stop growing?