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23 Years Old 5'10, 205 About 11% Bodyfat


Hey guys i just wanted some more feedback, i am pretty lean right now. I dont really diet i do cardio everyday and lift about 6 times a week sometimes 7.


heres a back picture


your looking thick.



Aye, looking pretty thick mate but where's the ...




coming soon hold on


leg pic u get the idea


Tons of potential

Upper chest could come up

maybe give a shot of your arms if youd like


You could go somewhere in this game if you put some effort in.


thanks dude your like the fifth person to tell me that this week, im seriously considering it i just dont knwo where to get started you know


Good job buddy!


lol.....Great legs


LOL anyone notice that the camera man has his shirt on in the first then it is off in the second when taking the back shirt?

I want to be 205lbs now. Good work buddy keep going.


Looking good! Epic smile in the first pic :slight_smile:


Definitely lots of potential to do well in the sport, don't waste those genetics.


what are some of ur best lifts? looking good regardless


i do like 130's for sets on flat bench dumbells, 110 on incline bench press, suqat about 550 ten reps to the ground.. I HATE DEADLIFTS, SHRUGS, and CLEANs so i never do them. Other than i run about 1.5 miles everyday or swim or do karate.. and i eat all the time :slightly_smiling:


Squat 550 x10 ass to grass? Surrrrrreeeeeee...


Here we go again lol. You were probably one of the people doubting Brandon Curry when he first posted on here right? I can't beleive this shit. Don't pay attention to this shit man. Just some friendly advice though. Unless you have video proof, it's not worth it to post your lifts.


Bloody hell that back is impressive what lifts do you do for your back if you dont dead or shrug ?