23 Years of TRT and My T-Levels Won’t Come Back

I started taking gear at age 16/17 and stayed on til I was 40. While trying to family plan I was told I had zero live sperm so came off everything 2 years ago next month. I’ve been taking hcg, clomid for the majority of the 2 years and have also taken HMG and enclomiphene. I just got my blood work done and my testosterone level was a 44. I have live sperm again but my testosterone is so low that even at 30 mg of cialis a day I can’t get hard.

Has anyone experienced this and have any suggestions or am I just screwed for life.

@Andrewgen_Receptors - The Dr changed my HCG prescription from 1000mg EOD to 2500 EOD bc the levels were going down and they didn’t know why. After over a year of HCG and no help I self prescribed myself HMG 75 iu 2 times a week and enclomiphene 25mg/ED. I’ve attached screen shot of my labs. In September, 2022 I was off for 9 months at that time and my levels were in the 140’s. Then May of this year it was a 29 with an LH of .9. In September of this year I tested 44 testosterone and 3.2 LH. So the LH almost quadrupled but testosterone barely moved. It will only let me post one attachment/screenshot

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I don’t have any suggestions but hope you can get this figured out.

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Were your erections okay when on TRT? In which case I would suggest getting back on TRT with HCG? You dont have to stop TRT completely to become fertile.

Young men, who start gear don’t yet have a fully mature HPTA, not until around the age of 35, and AAS can permanently damage the HPTA or cause a decline in testosterone earlier in life rather than later.

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If it’s true that you couldn’t get an erection in 2 whole years since coming off of test and the quality of your sperm is compromised, perhaps it’s time to consider the IVF route. If your female partner is healthy in that department consider yourself lucky. It’s much more difficult if it’s the other way around.

It’s 25. 25 is the age that everything is usually mature enough to not likely be severely affected by gear. Although, with his history, it’s likely he has permanent atrophy that’s not likely to be corrected even with a heavy PCT regimen and HCG/HMB therapy. He’ll likely be able to concieve, but I doubt his natural testosterone levels will ever be much above clinically low.


I agree.

As far as getting your natural levels back up, I believe you are screwed.

How much HCG are you taking?

Do you have any recent hormone panels we can look at?

@Robi220 I’m at a loss here, sorry. If I could make a recommendation, go post this at excelmale. They specialize in this kind of thing.

This may get edited out so just check the edits and search the name, you should find another community that frequents this topic.

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