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23 Year Old with Semi Low T


Hi guys, new poster here. Wanted to make a thread with my lab results and get some extra opinions from the knowledgeable people on the forum. My doctor is ok, but I am considering switching to another primary doc.

Anyway, stats are:
23 Years Old
15% BF

I used to lift a ton between the ages 18-21, probably had about 3-4% less body fat and a bit more muscle. Within the past 2 or so years a lot has gone downhill, I attributed it to just losing interest in working out but I want to make sure it is not an internal problem. I haven't been lifting much at all lately and my diet has not been great. I work a ton - 55 or so hours a week so that does not help.

Some other general problems I have - Irritable bowel syndrome and moderate anxiety.

Here are my results from 3 different dates, I wanted to get total test checked last week..but they didnt do it. I am wondering how much of this could be fixed via diet/exercise or does anything look out of wack? I also have blood count and other items from the lab if I should post those let me know, everything looks normal except WBC/RBW which are a bit low.

Thanks for the help.


I got the second half of last weeks bloodwork:

DHEA ___________477 Range: 31-701 ng/Dl
ESTRADIOL FREE _.49 Range: .2-1.5 pg/Ml
ESTRADIOL % FRE_2.70 Range; 1.7-5.4%
ESTEADIOL TOTAL_18 Range: 8.0-35 pg/Ml

TESTOSTERONE TOTAL 641 Range: 348-1197 ng/Dl
TESTOSTERONE FREE 21.4 Range: 9.3-26.5 pg/Ml

T3 FREE 3.3 Range: 2.0-4.4 pg/ml


Your T levels are quite variable, but some of that is expected with normal [non-TRT] guys.

To test DHEA, should be DHEA-S, not DHEA. But you obviously have nothing to worry about concerning your levels.

Your thyroid labs appear perfect. But body temperatures are the bottom line. Please look at the thyroid basics sticky and check your waking and mid-afternoon body temperatures. Note iodine issues.

Please also read, carefully, all of the advice for new guys sticky. There is a lot of info there. Do not gloss over stuff that you don’t think applies to you. At your age, lower testosterone levels are a symptom, not a cause. You need to find out what is going wrong. Don’t get T Tunnel vision.

What are your stress levels? How do major stress events affect your mind and body?

How do you feel? Energy levels poor? How do energy levels change during the day, works days, weekends?

WBC/RBW: CBC can show evidence of GI bleed blood loss. That is a risk with things like IBS? If serum iron, ferritin, hemoglobin, hematocrit, RBC are down, then a GI bleed is certainly a concern and an occult blood test can be done. That is a cardboard kit that you get from your doc. You smear some poop on it then take/send back for analysis. If your ferritin was low, fT4–>fT3 conversion could be affected. As your fT3 looks good, one might suspect that you do not have any concerns with iron loss from a GI bleed.

You have not felt right for two years. Any accidents, whiplash or blows to the head leading up to that? When did IBS start?

Did you start your job around two years ago?

In the advice for new guys sticky, you will see points concerning OTC and Rx medications. What meds are you using now? Anything for IBS? Timing? Are you exposed to chemicals or fumes in your job or activities/hobbies at home?

moderate anxiety: In that sticky, you will see references to stress and adrenal fatigue. If body temps are low, with your thyroid labs, one would then suspect and then test tT3. If body temps are good, no need to do that.

Are you exposed to chemicals or fumes in your job or activities/hobbies at home?

Your HPTA is not inhibited by E2 or prolactin.