23 Year Old Pensioners

Lately, in the past year or so, I’ve noticed that most of my friends, both girls and guys (all aged 22 or 23), have become total pensioners (not sure how else to call them). A year or two ago, I remember that there wasn’t a weekend when we didn’t go clubbing.

These days it’s like, whenever I want to go clubbing on the weekend, I actually need to dial quite a few numbers in order to (maybe) get someone to go out clubbing with me. I just spoke to a friend of mine, and she said - well, we’ve all been going out since we were 15, you know you get kind of tired by the age of 22. Tired?! I’m 23 and on my senior year of business studies, and feel like I’m starting to experience life like never before, and that I have quite a few years of having real good times ahead of me.

Not to mention that most of these people don’t remember the last time they had either a serious relationship, or at least had someone to have sex with. Shouldn’t they be on the front lines, trying to find someone? Or at least have a good time? I for one go to clubs to enjoy the music, and always have, and if some cute piece of ass comes along - great!

I’m worried that my friends will end up getting married @ 26 or 27 with the first half-decent girl they find, thinking that they struck it big, when in reality, they just got married to her because who knows when the next opportunity will come along!

But not to go astray from the point of this post - why the hell are 23yo people doing, becoming fucking pensioners?! These days, for them the idea of a good time is hanging around “the hood”, taking a stroll around the block, and maybe hopping into a car and driving to one of those fast-food kebab places. When they should be out having the time of their life, and experiencing all sorts of wonderful things before they settle down, right?

maybe they realized how ridiculous “clubbing” is and you haven’t?

I get like that in the winter, but that’s cos I hate the cold, fucking snow. I dunno where you live, but generally people get the urge to go out more once the weather is nicer.

Clubbing is for pussy’s, MEN go to the bar.

Probably because not everyone wants to be in a serious relationship or have sex. Ever think of that, and maybe they don’t want to be the 50 year old clubber that you seem like you are going to be.

Or maybe they are trying to study instead of spending all their study time like asses trying to find a one night stand.

I agree that men go to bars.

But some folks like it, and some folks don’t. I figure I’ll be going and getting drunk until I get tired of it, and when that happens, I won’t do it anymore. If some of your friends already reached that point, then there’s nuthin you can do…maybe get new friends.

Although I don’t agree either with settling down into a calm life so early, its different strokes for different folks. You just have realize that.

They need their hormones checked.

[quote]Chris Adams wrote:
Probably because not everyone wants to be in a serious relationship or have sex.[/quote]

[quote]Natural Nate wrote:
They need their hormones checked.

Chris Adams wrote:
Probably because not everyone wants to be in a serious relationship or have sex.


Yeah, maybe they want to but they choose not to. That is what I mean, sorry for not be clear…

This pretty much sums up clubbing:

It could be that while you are out clubbing, they are fucking someone on every peice of furniture in their house. They may not be single, they may have someone and are more interested in being with them then being with you. I mean, what guy trades a pussy for a night out with another dude? A gay one.
Or it could be they dont have the money to go clubbing.
At the risk of sounding ignorant, I would not go to a bar or a “club” to look for a long term relationship. Just a one night stand. Keep your condoms in an empty altoids tin, and not your wallet.

[quote]StevenF wrote:
maybe they realized how ridiculous “clubbing” is and you haven’t? [/quote]

couldnt have said it better myself. Im 19 and realized how ridiculous clubbing is back when I was a little tadpole.

People mature differently. I am 23 now, and could give a shit about going out to the bars.

Your friends have different priorities now. Maybe try and start hanging out with freshman? Then by the time you get tired of “clubbing” they will be 23 and in the same place.


This is funny. Please, keep it up.

Looks like you came to wrong crowd with this one bro. Even when I was single I thought “clubs” like with that dogfuckingdicksuckingshit wordless music they played and the ridiculous cover charge at the door (even if I didn’t have to pay it) where retarded. But I hate club music. Now on the other hand clubs that play real music, not so bad. Still that shit gets old for most people and I for one like conversation, wich works alot better in a bar. Unless you consider screaming in some girls face while wondering if she’s on E and who’s got some coke to make this place tolerable fun. LOL, yeah I’m sorry bro not my scene.

I actually fall more into the category your freinds seem to be in. Still I like to go out and get completely smashed and act up every once and awhile.

I wouldn’t dream of doing it, it would effect my sleeping routine; and I can’t go without a meal for more than two hours. But seriously I don’t socialise with my friends in that way either. House partys, much much better.

Clubbing sucks farts out of dead seagulls’ asses.

It’s too loud to talk and I dance like a rhino with jock itch. That only leaves drinking, and drinks are about $900 for a rum and coke. Fuck that. I’m going to the pub.

Typical. He was mentioning the attitude, not the activity. Clubbing isnt so bad if you like it.

I have exactly the same problem with some of my friends. I like to goto town, just grab something to eat, pop into a bar, play some pool maybe venture into a inet cafe for some gaming, see a movie, arcade video games or comedy show. If a concerts on im all for that. Just going out, not necessarily spending alot of money. Unfortuanately, sitting on a couch drinking beer, eating chips with the fat gf is what some people seem to think is fun. I say get up, get out, bring your gf and lets go have some fun.

Then complain that they get bored, depressed or fat.

Look at it like this, 3.50 for a beer at the “club”. I can pay 4.00 and grab a six pack at the grocery store and I also have the oppurtunity to have an intelligent conversation with the woman checking out in the aisle next to mine. Not only that but if I’m lucky I can work my way into fixing her dinner and actually getting to know her instead of trying to hook up with her between restroom breaks, chain smoking and obnoxious assholes with imaginary lat syndrome. Now if I could only get my 22 year old wife to agree to the hottie in the aisle next to us.

It’s all preception, you never really meet anyone worth while in a club. I would rather sit home with my wife or my girlfriend, prior to getting married, and relaxe on the balcony having a drink. Besides it’s cheaper, I’ve never been pulled over for a DWI while sitting at home relaxing with friends or alone with my girl.


I use to club like that when I was that age. I use to go to the clubs all weekend and sometimes during the week and after a while you get burn out. Now I prefer to go to bars or bar/lounge.

I use to club like that when I was that age. I use to go to the clubs all weekend and sometimes during the week and after a while you get burn out. Now I prefer to go to bars or bar/lounge.