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23 Y/O


Hey guys! I'm currently 16 days out from the North Americans. I will be competing as a super heavy weight.


looking solid, assuming you really are Lukas Duncan


oh ya lol, I'm Lukas. My username on most of the boards is duncanlukas. I am also juiceddunk on another site and I post there quite often! Look forward to being part of the community here!


Dude, please stick around, we need some posters like you around. A few things,

1.) You look awesome - Leg separation is already solid and you still have over two weeks to go. Nice.

2.) Please, for the love of all that is holy, do not be dissuaded by some of the threads around here. A lot of them pick right down to dick-waving contests - if those are avoided or taken in stride there's some good knowledge to be had around here.

3.) Not sure how new you are to here, but the T-Cell is a great place to start if you want some legitimate and quality reads. It's not very active, but there's terrific threads and they go back quite a ways.

Nice to have you.


i sure will! I love doing research and furthing my knowledge about bodybuilding and nutrition!


im brand new to TNation...ive looked around before but I just signed up and started reading the articles/forums. I wasn't a lurker or anything before!


Welcome to T-Nation!

It's always great to have another competitive bodybuilder here to lay down some knowledge bombs. Incredibly solid physique. How long have you been competing for?


5 years! I started competing when I was 18.. I have done 5 shows and the north americans will be my first national one!


Welcome dude, great physique. Care to throw some stats at us? Weight, arms, chest, back, legs etc. Always interested in stage numbers. Also how long has your contest cut been? Cheers.


Without my glasses on I thought you were Aaron Clark!

I meant that as a compliment :slight_smile:

Great physique. Hope you get a lot out of joining T-Nation.


HA my first thoughts as well.Welcome to the Nation and glad to have ya here.


Solid physique, a couple of points for you, since you are a newbie in T-Nation:

1) there is a steroid sub-forum, please post there as often as you can
2) at some point, in the bodybuilding forum, you WILL meet professor X. He is the queen of know-it-all land. Please, put him on ignore right now, since I don't want you to be the 4th (or 5th?) great poster who will leave this forum because of that douchebag. We already have lost an IFBB pro, an expert on anabolics, another probable ifbb pro and a couple of other great posters. Good to have you here, you look awesome.


Looking big and lean bro. Best of luck at the competition.


Good luck. Fyi this subforum and 'bigger stronger leaner' have the most douchbaggery, make sure you check out the John Meadows and powerlifting forum which both have tons of knowledgeable people and positive advice.

John Meadows and Clay Hyght's articles are very good for pure bodybuilding and Dan John, Matt Kroc and Jim Wendler's are good for overall awesomeness


Just to add Shelby has great articles as well


Uhh given that's he's competing in a public competition and has included his full name and face on here, not sure OP will want to do this.

OP definitely WILL want to do this!


Great to see you here man, I've read some of your other posts on sites where you go as juiceddunk. Great progress man and good luck on your show


OP I HOPE You post in the steroid forum and give advice.


Ahhhh! Wish I clicked on this thread earlier -lol

Welcome big man. Always great to have someone with an impressive background and accomplishments join the community. Especially, in my opinion, as the site (most notably the BBing forum) benefit quite a bit from competitors. Too many armchair experts.

Hope you stick around, and good luck at the North Americans!



The OP has posted on a few other boards which included his supplementation protocol. Out of respect for the OP I won't link to it, its his business, but I suffice it to say that he is far beyond what many of you are able and most likely willing to do.

On a brighter note, congrats on being so big, so young. I hope and wish you a healthy and successful bodybuilding career and that you will start to see your dream realized at the North Americas. Please do post updates as you get closer to the day as well as at competition.