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23 y/o with Symptoms of Low T after SARM Cycle

Last January-February (2016) I took a lgd-4033 cycle from peptides warehouse with no prior PED experience. I took 5mg for two weeks and then 10mg until the bottle was done (estimated 3 weeks). I took Purex “recycle” as a pct which may not have been strong enough (natural test booster designed for pct). I did not notice any symptoms until months later but have since had symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, loss of muscle, lack of libido, soft erections, testicular atrophy, no morning erections etc.

I got blood tests back with 476 total t (250-1100),
free test levels 99.6 (46-224)
Bioavailable 207 (110-575
SHBG 18 (10-50)
lh 2.3 (1.5-9.3)
FSH 2.8 (1.6-8.0),
Estradiol 20

The endocrinologist I saw said he didn’t think the sarm cycle was the cause of my symptoms and that my blood work was normal enough for it to probably just be phycological possibly stemming from a little depression. However, the physical symptoms I have lead me to believe otherwise and I was curious if it made sense to try to refresh my hpta axis by creating a protocol of say 3 weeks of low dose hcg and a month of low dose nolvadex/clomid to fire up my testes into normal production and hope that they stay that way and increase test levels to where they should be for my age.

I’d recommend running a serm definitely. Your levels seem normal buut is say it can’t hurt to try to fire stuff up again. My go to is liquid toremifene, I find it to be stronger than both clomid and nolva combined


Just curious what anyone thinks of this hpta restart protocol or if anyone has heard anything about this consultation service/whether or not it makes sense for someone given my numbers and symptoms to try.