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23 Y/O with Low T, Worried

I was experiencing loss of libido, difficulty having strong erections, after an injury that happened to my left testicle while I was sleeping. (Testicle got stuck under the waistband of my underwear and I slept on it.)

I went to a doctor and they said my pain was due to an infected epididymis (epididymitis) and I took just under a month of antibiotics. The pain seemed to ease a bit afterwards but there was still all the problems from earlier and still some noticeable discomfort and tenderness.

A year later I’ve got my bloodwork done and apparently my testosterone level is at 10.5 in a range of 8-32. My doctor wanted me to get an ultrasound on the left teste and also another blood test for biologically available testosterone. Still waiting on results and a date for the ultrasound.

I’m scared that I’m gonna have to deal with this for life will I be okay? Do you think they might prescribe TRT?

There are other options, depending on the actual level of damage. That is, however a great justification for sleeping naked.

State healthcare doctors only care about “in range” even if you have the levels of an elderly person, doctors almost never take into consideration your age when looking at testosterone.

Young men are supposed to have the highest levels and old men lower levels. If you get quacked by your doctor, you would then you would have to go to a private clinic to get TRT.

Levels this low, you are at risk for the diseases associated with aging, heart attacks, cardiovascular disease etc.

Keep us updated. The end result… You will be fine with hard erections

Tough to say as of now. You’ll need a thorough workup and pituitary hormones should be part of it. Guys with testicular cancer function fine with just one testicle, so there may be more to this than the one damaged testicle.

When possible, post all of your bloodwork.

In case you need help with labs try to get…

Total t
Free t
Free t3
Free t4
Thyroid antibodies
Dhea s
Lipid panel
Metabolic panel

I’ll post once I can get a copy of it. I’m really worried though. Hopefully everything works out I really don’t want these problems at my age. My girlfriend of 6 years just left me for another guy and I think my low T had a big role to play.

It will, you’ve already started the process of getting to the bottom of it and once you do, you can move forward.

Have to make sure that does not happen again…………

It was not meant to be. Maybe this was a blessing in disguise. Imagine you were married and going through something that affected your libido or dick…

Good riddance.

Use Cialis/Viagra while you figure this out. And enjoy your single life

Sucks though. Hard to get another girl now that I have no libido, lower confidence and am less sexually able. Couldn’t believe my girl left me and was with another guy right away.

I would feel miserable too. Especially you were with her since 17! I hope you will feel better as time passes

Yeah hopefully. Once I get the low T problem solved I’ll be on to better women. That’s why I’m so worried that it may not get solved properly

Listen. It will not not only get solved… You will feel better too.

Like i said don’t have an ego and not take Viagra. It’s ok to take while you figure this out.

Are you able to masturbate? If so that’s good. But things may get worse before they get better so you may need Viagra.

I say this cause everything gets more depressing when you can’t get it up.

Then she will do the same to this poor fellow when his times comes. When women see low confidence in their man, they can start to lose interest.

It’s called natural selection.

Yeah. By the time I realized it was low T and talked to her about it she was already barely attracted to me and just kept insisting that my hormone level had nothing to do with why our relationship wasn’t going well. Then a month later it was over. I wish she had been able to understand what I was going through and had been supportive.

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I’m able to masturbate but my dick basically only gets 70% hard. Yeah I’m gonna be talking to my doctor about ED pills next time I see him for sure. His office called today and he wanted me to make an appointment to talk about the bloodwork results so I’ll know more soon.

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I expect your doctor to blame it on your mental state, we see this a lot, then offer an SSRI when the problem is more than likely a testosterone deficiency.

It’s not hard to understand doctor bias, they are taught TRT causes prostate cancer. Studies are showing the opposite, men with lower than normal Free T are a risk for more aggressive prostate cancer than those with higher levels. Prostate cancer is an old man’s disease.

That’s my biggest worry is that I won’t get treated properly I can’t live like this man

Where do you live?

In a van down by the river, at this rate.