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23 Y/O Very Low Testosterone

Hello,I’m a 23 year old male with testosterone levels of 174 Ng/dl(other two measurements were around 230)I actually wanted to have it checked because of extremely low libido,Tiredness,fatigue, laziness.I also had my liver enzymes,kidney hormones and enzymes whatever they are called,also had my blood sugar levels checked and all was very good and in optimal range.I also had a Scrotal Ultrasound which shows I have normal blood flow and no amormality on penis and also good testicle volumes.my Lh is in upper part of the range,fsh is normal. progesterone was also low.I have no past of using steroids or any other chemicals.

So what can cause my low T whereas my testicles seem normal and other testosterone related hormones are normal.Interesting part is that I had the same symptoms back in the day when I had normal testosterone levels when I was 18-19.so I would be very happy If you guys would enlighten me.I hope I am on the right thread.

Can you provide a detailed history and all of your bloodwork?

Welcome lowbudgetnegan,

You’re mentioning about having normal levels, we don’t know what normal levels are for you, we only know based on their reference ranges what’s normal for the entire population.

You’ll get no argument from me that levels aren’t low, in fact they are at disease state levels, men with lower than normal testosterone have a higher mortality rate than those in the middle ranges, men with high normal testosterone have the least chance of cardiovascular issues and live the longest.

You say you had normal testosterone levels at 18-19, note having normal levels doesn’t guarantee no symptoms if you’re not normal for your specific biology, if you have been suboptimal your entire adult life, you have never seen normal levels for YOU.

The ranges are everyone within the population, the top 2% and bottom 2% are removed from the reference ranges, so they are some men above the reference ranges naturally. If you’re one of those men who was mention to run above the reference ranges naturally.

Testosterone levels are at the highest in our 20’s, high normal ranges, yet you’re scoring in the ranges most 90 year old men see. This is why you have an extremely low libido, tiredness, fatigue, laziness just as a 90 year old men would.

Now for the hardest part of this journey you will face, finding a doctor under insurance that isn’t a complete quack doctor, most doctors are clueless when it comes to reading blood biomarkers a getting you on a modern TRT protocol.

Just about everyone who has had low testosterone diagnosed has never found a cause for low testosterone, only thing that’s found is testosterone is low.

You’re missing a lot of important testing and I’ll assume you haven’t been seen sent to a doctor that deals with endocrine disorders just yet which may explain the lack of testing. The more tests you doctor misses below, the better clue as to your doctor’s cluelessness.

Tests needed:
Total T
Free T
Estradiol Sensitive (E2)
LH-Luteinizing Hormone
FSH-Follicle stimulating hormone
Thyroid Panel
CBC-complete blood count
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Lipid profile/panel