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23 Y/O Lifting 5-6 Years, All Natural. Show This June?

SO… I just made an account to this website today and I see people posting “rate my physique” pictures so I thought I would as well!. ive been lifting almost about 6 years now and im thinking about doing my first ever show this june! let me know what you guys think. I have pretty good genetics when it comes to abs and chest so ive really been trying to bring up my arms but its been a struggle! thanks any feedback positive or negative will help! if anybody wants to see any before pictures from 5 years ago just let me know im still trying to get the hang of this site!

Two things. First…which guy in the pic is you?

Second, if you’re really thinking about a show this June (which is, like, 10-13 weeks away), you’ll want to start prep ASAP.

im the guy on the right! and yeah im actually on deployment right now so its a little difficult since I don’t have much control on what food I can eat but ive been trying!

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You look impressive man you’re muscles look full at a low body fat. I’m curious to see your before pictures. As far as rating your physique. From what I can see your shoulders, chest and core look great . But I also can’t see your traps, lower body or back so I can’t tell you any of your weak points in comparison.

yeah bro thanks! and I was trying to upload more pics but I guess since im a new user I can only post one

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Just go to reply and click upload and you can upload more pictures. If you’re using a phone of course. If its pc then i dont know .

Fuck dude you are seriously jacked for a natty! Well done.

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Ya man that’s what I was thinking too. OP How do you manage to keep you’re muscles looking so full with such a low body fat percentage? Everytime I get that cut on my abs my chest never ever looks that good.

thanks bro I appreciate it!

whats your routine looking like? ive been doing a lot of pressing movements and heavy dips for the last 5 years and on top of that ive always had pretty decent chest genetics even before I started lifting at all. ill try and upload a couple more pictures. I also run track and field so I do cardio very frequently which helps me stay pretty lean year around. also whats your diet looking like bro?

10 weeks out till first show decided to show you guys how my back is looking!!


Hard to tell with this angle, if you can post better pics would be easier to give better feedback. Traps looking good though for sure.

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So I wasent able to compete on June 10th due to an unexpected extension of my deployment so hopefully I’ll be able to get in an upcoming show later in the year!

here is a video if pictures aren’t that good

Looking great man. Impressive physique. Will place great in your show

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Impressive shoulder to waist ratios. You’ll do great brother.

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Thanks bro I’ll keep you guys updated on how I place and stuff


Excellent taper, and conditioning is looking very good. Maybe I got confused, but are you doing Physique or Bodybuilding?

I ask because the Physique quarter turns are not what your friend in the video was explaining to be the “side relaxed.” Also, if bodybuilding, let’s see those wheels -lol

Good stuff.


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Really really imprssive for 6 years working out!