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23 Y/O, Blood Tests, Advice/Suggestions Requested

Thanks for linking those posts Charlie, they were a great read.

I fully understand that TRT is a lifelong commitment, but in afraid my doctor could be possibly hesitant due to my age (and that my insurance may not cover TRT at my levels). I do not know if the second one is true as I do not know the requirement under BlueCross for TRT, but the doctor during my initial evaluation did not like the idea of TRT at 23.

Based on the low LH and my non-medical degree Internet findings, this would indicate secondary hypogonadosm would be more likely than primary hypogonadism?

Thanks for commenting, I truly appreciate your help understanding all this.

Got a message from the Endo, does not want me to start TRT based off the most recent bloodtest and referred me to a urologist to treat the low libido.

Any suggestions on how to proceed? What will a urologist do differently compared to an Endo?