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23 Low T - Lots of Bloodwork Results Included


I’m looking for some advice and help interpreting my labs. I’ve suffered from pretty much all the symptoms for low T for years now and I want to take action to correct them. My biggest issues are no motivation, fatigue/low energy, anxiety, no libido, and ED issues. I don’t ever get morning wood or random erections. Maintaining one requires constant stimulation. I’ve listed as much info as a I currently have and the answers to most of the commonly asked questions I’ve seen on the board.

Health History: No steroid/prohormone use, no extended use of prescription drugs, no drug/alcohol abuse, I exercise regularly and eat fairly well. Varicocele surgery in ~2008.

I had a large varicocele on the left side in high school which I had repaired in high school. I still get some ache from it now but the mass of veins has been significantly reduced. I got a testicular ultrasound in June 2016 after going to the doctor for low T symptoms and it revealed I still have minor varicoceles on both sides as well as a benign cyst in my left epididymis.
The doctor I had been seeing this year seemed open to starting TRT with gels but unfortunately I have moved from that city. He did however put in my record hypogonadism so maybe this will help later down the road? I am now in the Nashville, TN area with good insurance so if TRT is needed I have access to good doctors. If any other info is needed, please let me know!

Age: 23
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 165lbs
Waist: 32in
Meds: None
Supplements: Orange Triad Multivitamin (contains Iodine and Selenium), D3 4,000/day, Fish Oil
AM/PM Temp: 97.1/96.9 I do get cold easily and have cold extremities
Face: Baby face – been told I look ~18. Some facial bloat
Body: Fairly athletic but store my fat in belly area.
Facial Hair: Very little and sparse
Chest/Back Hair: None
Dry Skin: Yes
Brittle Nails: No
Hair Loss: No
Thin Outer Eyebrow: No
Iodized Salt: Limited use but I’m trying to up intake after reading this forum

TT: 330 (2/10/16) and 347 (5/2016) (Range 222-510) / 319 (Range 300-1000) in 2012
E2: 20 (43-53 pg/nL)
LH: 4.4 (1.2-8.6 mIU/mL)
FSH: 1.79 (1.3-19.3 mIU/mL)
Prolactin: 10 (2.6-13.1)
Cholesterol: 197 mg/dL (not fasted)
Glucose: 117 (not fasted)
AST: 23 iu/l
ALT: 21 iu/l
TSH: 1.38 (0.3-3.0 uIU/mL)
DHT: n/a
SHBG: n/a
fT3: n/a
fT4: n/a
Hematocrit: 47.59%

WBC: 6.9 k/uL
Neutrophils %: 57.7
Lymphocytes %: 20.6
Monocytes %: 10.6
Eosinophils %: 10.19
Basophils %: 0.89
Absolute Neutrophils: 4 K/uL
Absolute Lymphocytes: 1.39 K/uL
Absolute Monocytes 0.69 K/uL
Absolute Eosinophils: 0.69 K/uL
Absolute Basophils 0.10 K/uL
RBC: 5.36 M/uL
Hgb: 16.1 g/dl
Hct: 47.59 %
MCV: 89 fL
MCH: 30 pg
MCHC: 34 g/dl
RDW: 12.2
Platelet Count: 342 K/uL
HA1C: 5.19

Lipid Panel
Cholesterol: 197 mg/dl
Triglycerides 120 mg/dL
HDL: 53 mg/dl
LDL Calculated: 120 mg/dl
Chol/HDL Ratio: 3.7
LDL/HDL Ratio: 2.3

Thank you!


I just got my results from my latest labs from an early morning test. Everything is still on the low end of the range but my prolactin is high. I am being referred to an endo after these labs. Any input?

TT: 337 ng/dl (194-783)
FT (calculated): 74 pg/ml (41-239)
Bio Avail T: 174 ng/dl (124-596)
SHBG: 27.9 nmol/L (11-71)

LH: 4.9miu/ml (1.24 - 8.62)
FSH: 1.92 miu/ml (1.27-19.26)
TSH: 2.48 mu/l
Prolactin: 29.83