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23, Hope It's Not too Late

Whatsup guys,

Just joined hoping someone might see this and have some advice, this isn’t my area of expertise so I’m a little lost. I’m 23 years old, probably should have looked into this awhile ago, hopefully its not too late. I’ve been working out consistently for 4 or 5 years now and have added pretty minimal size since then. Never thought much of it until recent months. I can add a little size but the numbers rarely go up, even when im eating a lot.

I think I must have low T levels or hypogonadism (dont really even know what it is, just some basic research). I still look like I’m about 15 or 16, have a pretty low sex drive for a 23 year old guy, dont grow facial hair or chest hair, energy levels are up and down. Coulda used a bigger dick n balls but I play the card that evolution dealt me and dont fret too much!

Not sure what other symptoms to look out for that might help, but anyone have any advice what options I might be able to pursue or what might be the cause? My brother suggested seeing an Endo, does anyone know a good one in North Jersey they could recommend? I appreciate any advice you guys might have, and would be glad to answer any questions that might provide more info about myself.

Thanks all

Endos can be a bad experience and to be able to navigate through the health care wasteland, you need to become educated. Start by reading some of the stickies:

-advice for new guys
-protocol for injections

Then come back here with questions.

Your low T is a symptom and you need to find the cause. Many docs, if they will do anything at all, will treat the symptom and not the cause. Be open minded to the different causes and conditions discussed in the stickies. Nothing gets started until you have proper lab work. Most doctors do a crappy job of ordering and interpreting. You might be better off ordering your own labs and getting them interpreted here before you see a doc. Might be cheaper too. Your insurance situation and out-of-pocked budget also need to be discussed.