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23.7st Down to 14.7 in Just 10 Months

well this is my transformation so far started taking training last june after getting to 23.7st where I set realistic goals to try and achieve had many ups and downs and with strict diet and routine I dropped 9 stone in weight where im currently weighing in at 14.7st I do have issues with loose skin etc but now looking to take things to next level and see how far I can push myself and see what I can achieve


Good shit.

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Congrats on the amazing transformation! Keep it up!

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thank you mate

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Great man! By the pics, looks like someone else… good job… keep it!

A stupid question, if you do not want to respond, feel free… did you stop smoking? I’m asking just because I was a smoker and had hard time to stop it.

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I tried to stop but I still smoke to this day and thanks for the comment

Wild progress, man. Great work. What are the training and diet details?

thank you bro and for training I started off doing a lot of cardio and a lot of compound workouts and I started walking everyday so I seen a lot of progress just doing that but for my recent progress i been using a 4 day split with 2 days upper body and 2 lower body roughly doing around 80% off my 1 rep max with high sets and rep ranges between 8-15 and a lot of fasted cardio and circuit training and all my cardio is done after weights to

example of my workout split would be this :
mon - upper body
tues - lower body
wed - circuts
thurs - upper body
fri - lower body
sat - active rest
sun - active rest
for my diet i eat a high protein low carb diet with plenty of water i cut out all the fizzy drinks etc and for the first 2 weeks no cheat days and after that im allowed to have one cheat day normally on Friday or Saturday for me