23, 5'10, 145lb Noob

Hi T-Nation. I had been thinking about looking for a good bodybuilding forum but never got around to it. Stumbled onto this site looking up articles about bulking. I’ve learned so much from just a few hours of reading. Never realized how important diet and nutrition is and couldn’t figure out why it was always so hard to gain weight.

So here’s my story, I started working out in high school about 10 years ago. Joined the wrestling team and competed at 119lbs for a semester. After that I went into off-season football and really began lifting hard 5 days a week. Weight shot up to 135 by the end of the second semester. I havn’t played any sports since then, just go to the gym off and on. The picture in my av was taken when I was 17, around 150lbs. For 6 years I have told myself that I’m going to bulk up and weigh around 165-185. Procrastination and poor appetite has haunted me far too long. I have always had a high protein diet, but that’s about all the effort I put into nutrition.

Used to weigh 150-155 for years. Then I started eating better and trying to be as healthy as possible. Cut out all High fructose corn syrup, candy, and fast food. Ended up dropping to 145 and that is where I’m starting from now. I used to think I knew alot about bodybuilding and nutrition. I even considered myself kind of big at 155. Well damn this site is a slap in the face. I really know very little and am a complete noob. Wish I knew about this place years ago.

I’m looking forward to finally taking control of my body and I now have the tools to do so. Are there any members reading this that have gone through a similar experience? Weighing a girls weight, then finally taking control and getting up to their goal? I would love to hear anyone’s story. I have so much to learn.

My goal is to hit around 175 - 200 lbs. I don’t want to do this for bodybuilding comps or anything professional. Really tired of being a small guy and want to see what my body is capable of. I’ve always been an easy gainer so that helps. From the few things Ive read, I know that I need to eat much much more, and mix in more liquid meals. Need to expand my workout routine and do more of a variety of exercises. Ill be purchasing Surge and lots of whey (still not sure on brand). All ears for any suggestions.

Attached a picture taken just now.

Variety is not necessarily as important as consistency. As long as you have a balanced routine that works all your muscles you don’t need to add more exercises.

What does your training look like?

I will get to the gym and do 15 minutes of cardio, or just bike there. Then about 2-3 sets of 10 reps on usually 2 muscle groups. I frequently go on 10-25 mile bike rides and not sure how cycling will play into leg workouts.

Well you certainly need a more structured schedule. 2-3 sets of ten on a muscle isn’t exactly pushing it, needs a fair bit more volume to get the results you want :slight_smile:

All I can say is make sure you eat plenty of meat. I seriously mean a lot. If you have an idea of how much you think you need to eat, multiply that by 3 and then you’ll be good.

Hey Tet, you are starting sort of around where I did awhile back with the same stats. I was at 130 lbs at 5’9" and I am now at 180 lbs. The key is persistance, doing what you need to do day in and day out. I’ve had months where, due to life, I couldn’t do what I wanted with regards to my diet; so it has been frustrating at times. But those months where it seems you are gaining muscle and strength are absolutely awesome.

Here are some tips that hopefully you will follow and stick with. I jostled around at times figuring shit out for myself and still do, so keep that in my mind.

1)If gaining mass, weight, muscle (whatever you want to call it) is your primary concern, FOCUS ON THAT GOAL. In other words, if you gain a little fat, feel like you are slower on your bike, etcetera, don’t worry about it. Focus on your big goal.

2)Find out exactly how much you should be eating every day to reach your goal weight. This is harder than it sounds. It can be expensive, a pain in the ass, and takes some experimentation to find a good balance for you. So search online for a “calorie calculator,” use a few different ones/formulas and use a number. For you, it will probably be any where from 3600-4200 calories per day. EAT THAT EVERY SINGLE DAY, no matter what. Sure there will be days here and there that you won’t be able to do it, but do your best and be persistant. If you’re not gaining, you’re not eating. Try starting a food journal for the first few weeks so you know exactly what your eating, your primary concern should be calories and protein-- if you feel like it count carbs and fat.

3)Consume at least 1 - 1.5 grams of protein times your lean body mass every day. No excpetions. There are many great protein supplements out there. Biotest brand, sold here, like Grow! Whey, Optimum Nutrition is a good brand also. Just find a quality whey protein.

4)Consume quick absorbing carbs and protein immediately after your workout. Surge Recovery is an awesome product, and has everything you need for this. If you don’t have the funds for more supps, you can use your regular protein and eat a couple bananas with it.

5)Sleep 8-10 hours a day. This is very important. You get grow outside of the gym, not in it.

6)As far as training, find a solid program and follow it. Don’t make up your own stuff right now. There are many cool templates. Search around and read on this website, and others, for one. 5x5,Russian Approach to Size and Strength, BB splits… heck, if you’re in a book store check out The New Rules to Lifting, Huge In A Hurry, Men’s Body Sculpting Bible, The Book of Muscle-- these are all great books to help you get started on the right track. So, choose a program and do it through its entire cycle.

7)Training your legs can quite possibly be the most important things you do. I always turn heads when I squat in a gym. Why? Not because I am that strong… because 95% of peope out there who belong to a gym are weak and do not perform the man exercises. They only perform curls and presses. The sorry bastards walk around the gym with their arms pushed out from their pump with a flat ass, no back development, and calve muscles for quads. Don’t be that guy! Hell, I met my lovely girlfriend in the gym when she was a trainer, and she confessed to me later on that I caught her eye because of my leg workouts. So, see? Squats can get you lucky in the sack! Anyway…

  1. Cardio really isn’t that important, in my opinion. If anything it hampers your progress, its just extra precious calories burned. Keep that in my mind, but make your own call on it.

Those are the basics man, and I hope that helps. Just train hard, eat lots, sleep lots, and be happy. Enjoy the process and learning new things. Good luck!

Wow thanks alot for all the info Evolv!

I plan on getting the Biotest Grow!(cant believe its so cheap), as well as Surge. I have never had trouble pushing myself hard in the gym, but eating large seems to be the most unknown territory. My plan is to cook big meals that will last in the fridge for a week or so. Such as indian foods like lentils and garbanzo bean curries. But also having lots of eggs, steak, and burgers. I tend to stay away from most pork becuase I don’t really like the taste.

Do you guys get tired of eating beef and chicken most of the time? What are some other good meats to eat. There is lots of buffalo available out here so I have been eating more of that.

Who gets tired of eating steak??? :wink:

Mackeral, tuna, cod, sardines, turkey, prawn, shrimp, octopus, squid, eggs, whey, lamb, milk, beans to name a few protein sources.

Good idea with cooking your food in advance aswel, i think i will start doing this :slight_smile: