23 413ng/dl and Worried

So a year and a half ago i took 750 mg’s of test e a week for around 2 1/2 months and winstrol at 30 mgs for about a month. I was ripped off and ended up not having my hcg and nolvadex at the end. So i took a shitty anti estrogen from my local supplement store and tribulus.I have never felt the same since then.

Ive felt timid and in the gym i have been releying on adrenaline to get me through work outs and physicking my self out. I was really depressed when i first got off of the testosterone. And as time went by i have slowly gotten better. I do feel like i have been way less horny though i though it was just me aging. I still get ok gains in the gym but not like back in the day. so i got my test checked and its 413ng/dl Do i have low testosterone. And should i go to a specialist and get on trt. Im honestly pretty worried and angry at myself for making the dumb decisions i did. Im 5’11 at 15.6 percent body fat and weigh 200 pounds. I also used pro hormones i have done about 5 pro hormone cycles running up at least 2 compounds at once with shitty store bot pct.

So I would really apreciate some advice i am feeling pretty sad about all of this.

can some one at least tell me if thats low enough to lower the quality of my work outs and life and should i look into to testosterone replacement.

I asked my doctor if it would show estrogen and estrodial and lh and all that… and they said that this would reflect all of this but i have a feeling they don’t know what the fuck they are talking about… lol maybe this wasnt worth getting both my arms pinned. I read the stickies and looked it up on the internet it just seems like some people are saying my test is low enough to lower the quality of life.

And its definetally having a mental effect on me if it is true or not. I would apreciate if some one could tell me if this test is even the right one or if i could base anything off of it. I spent my own money on it.

And i use to be in alot better shape i use to be around 9 to 10 percent body fat at 207. I just had some problems in life that got me to the point im at right now. Ive been going to the gym 4 to 5 times a week for the past 2 months. making ok gains in muscle. Im just stating this so people know im actually trying. maybe they will be more likely to give me advice

Please read the advice for new guys sticky and come back with more info as suggested there.

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You have more lab data and labs on the way? Please try to make your posts clearer.

Ok thank you. Ya that is the only lab data I have. I will try to get the right test done soon.