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22yrs Old, 6'4'', 205, Training 1 Year


Hey, new user. Im looking to put on size.
Use protein powder, sometimes mass gainer
I exercise 4-5 days a week, depending on work and school
I feel as though my diet is horrendous. I eat a lot maybe just not enough of the correct food?

Workout Plan, just been following the plan off the site for the most part for the last 5 weeks ish.






you dont look like youve ever lifted a weight - read the forums and articles, pick a program, pick a diet, get some heavy metal on your ipod and stick with it. good luck.


Why would you post this? As the person above said, read the stickies in the beginner forum. You're not eating anywhere remotely enough, and whatever you're doing isn't working.




You're going to need quite a bit more mass before you look like you lift. Not entirely your fault; 6'4" is a large frame to try and fill out, and you have fairly narrow shoulders to boot. You have quite a few years to go (as do most of us).


What did you weigh/look like a year ago? If we see how far you've come it would help.

(I'm really not super jacked either, but I used to be 6'4" and 170. Yikes.)


You got shorter?


Yeah man, squatted so much I dropped about 3"


can that even happen? I squat hard and heavy all the time and if anything im growing taller....


At least you're doin it right. Achilles that was lots of sarcasm. You might shrink over time as in 60-70 years which you're most likely going to do anyways just due to Earth's gravity.


It is obvious that you are making progress. Don't listen to some of these other buffoons, unfortunately T-Nation is filled with mental midgets who get off on degrading other people's Rate My Physique photos.

You obviously need to add a lot of size to get to where you will get above a 3 or 4 in this forum, but that is going to take time, it would be extremely difficult to get big after a single year of working out unless you have great genetics. However, that being said, your core looks a little soft compared to the rest of your body. Also, you are missing a back shot, so it is hard to completely assess your physique.

I don't know what your current training regimen is, but since you are a beginner, you are going to want to focus a lot on heavy compound movements. If you aren't doing any of these exercises already, I suggest you begin immediately:

Standing Overhead Barbell Press
Bent Over Barbell Rows

Also, you mentioned that you do not know how good your diet is. A little advice I have for you is to read CT's article called Nutrition for Newbies ( http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/nutrition_for_newbies_part_1 ).

Also, LiveStrong.com has a very valuable (and free) tool called DailyPlate. It allows you to enter in what you ate for the day, and it will automatically calculate how much Protein, Carbs, Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, and Sugar you consumed for the day. As well as breaking down your macronutrient ratio (How much of your diet is protein, fat, and carbs in percentages). This tool has helped me greatly, and it is free to use. If you don't decide to start using it daily, you could at least get a good idea of how many calories you are eating so you can adjust your diet accordingly.

Keep on lifting, you are making progress. Always keep in mind that results don't always come quickly, so stay strong and keep your head up.


I met up with an ex who I haven't seen for a year. She asked if I've shrunk. fml.. she is a giant though


Looking huge bro - good thing you pulled your pants down a bit in that last pic! Really shows off your hard work.

Now all you have to do is start lifting weights and in 3-4 years you can post some pics.


Yeah? One of my ex's is 6'1 and I'm 5'9. Last time I saw her she had 4 inch heels on. And, weirdly, I think has bigger arms than the OP ... :\


Is your ex's name China? and used to wrestle for the WWF


Wow, you are quite the T-Nation expert.

Rock on with your 2 posts.

By the way, how is it obvious he is making progress? I'm curious to hear your expert opinion on this.


That's right bro! Don't put up with no shit from anyone.