22Y/O, Desperately Needing Help, Going to Self Prescribe TRT

Hi everyone.
Since i was 18 i have been struggling with symptoms of what i didnt know previously to be low testosterone. (low libido, brain fog, irritability and low motivation etc). I have seen multiple endocrinologists regarding my symptoms and had blood test results come back in the lower percentile of whats considered “normal”. I have also gone through all relevant testing for underlying diseases including an MRI of the pituitary which all came back negative.

When i turned 21, i decided fuck it and tried a 12 week 500mg testosterone cycle during which i ran HCG the entire time followed by a thorough PCT. Throughout this cycle i felt on top of the world, energised, horny, non anxious… I felt like a man. shortly after though, i began to feel like my old self. I made sure i had blood work done before and after as shown below (I am aware i’m missing many values in these results)

Before cycle:

A’dione 1.6ug/L (0.6-3.1)
PRL 6ug/L (<15)
LH 3 IU/L (1-10)
FSH 4 IU/L (1-10)
E2 80 pmol/L (<150)
DHEAS 4500 ug/L (1000-4000)
TESTO. 16 nmol/L (10.0-33.0)
fTesto 397 pmol/L (150-700)

After Cycle
A’dione 1.8ug/L (0.6-3.1)
PRL 9ug/L (<15)
LH 1 IU/L (1-10)
FSH 4 IU/L (1-10)
E2 80 pmol/L (<150)
Prog 2 nmol/L (<3)
DHEAS 4600 ug/L (1000-4000)
TESTO. 14 nmol/L (10.0-33.0)

Fast forward 1.5 years later. Still having the same symptoms. I’m now planning to move from Australia to Canada for a 2 year working holiday and have decided i want to feel like a regular early 20s male. I have recent blood work as shown below. The GP that i saw which supposedly specializes in ((((male health))))) said everything was perfectly normal. I think thats bullshit. anyway heres the results.

PRL 198 mIU/L (<300)
LH 4 IU/L (1-10)
FSH 5 IU/L (1-10)
E2 80pmol/L (< 150)
Progesterone 1 (< 3)
Total test 10nmol/L (150-700)
Free Test 203pmol/L (150-700)
SHGB 28nmol (13-71)

Also curious if i would have much trouble travelling with self prescribed test. I’m pretty good at sourcing things so a resupply isn’t an issue but obviously i would want to take some with me.

You replies are greatly appreciated.

Do you have labs regarding iron, adrenals, thyroid etc?

This is the response you will get when seeking help in a sick care or national healthcare system, they don’t care about your symptoms, they only care about the numbers and according to these number you are well below other men in your age group.

No way is a GP in Canada going to prescribe TRT to a young man under 30 with your levels. You will have to seek private care and pay cash for treatment because with your levels you’ll never get TRT unless well below 10 nmol/L.

I mean you have to be ridiculously low to get TRT in Canada. The problem is doctors are taught in medical school, in range is normal, well you are in range for an old man but they don’t know that because they don’t know anything about normal testosterone levels.

Most of the doctors that we men go to for help with our hormone troubles specialize in other areas of medicine so they fall back on what they know which is in range is normal.

This is in range and therefore normal, therefore no TRT.

TESTO. 9 nmol/L (10.0-33.0)
fTesto 149 pmol/L (150-700)

This is not normal, you get TRT because your levels are outside the normal ranges, but even then doctors might offer excuses because they are afraid to prescribe TRT and will make stupid arguments about how your testicles are full size and you have hair on your face.

TRT is very taboo within the medical community, even more so for men barely over 21 years old.

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If you have low t what makes you think blasting 500mg is going to be good for you?

The entire purpose of Trt is therapy. Long term.

You simply need trt dosing and a good doc who will treat you.

Look for Danny Bossa on YouTube, join Facebook and ask him for help. He is in Canada and can help you find the right doc.

Thank you

Yes, I don’t have the labs on me. But i did them years ago and they were all fine. Did iron in the last test and it was also fine. Should i re-do my thyroid tests? I know i’m secondary.

Yes, I’m aware health care is completely useless. Especially for younger males. I have no issue sourcing these medications. I’m just wondering if the self administration route/being my own doctor would be the best way to go. All i’ll need access to is bloodwork. By looking at my last blood work would you agree my test levels are ridiculously low for a 22 year old? I’m scared i get on TRT and find it not to be as life changing as i think it may be.

And yes, I do have very weak facial hair and my testicles aren’t really that big. I find my ejaculations to be quite watery. I can easily go a week without finding a strong urge to masturbate. And when i do it’s quite unsatisfactory.

In hindsight i just wanted to know what it felt like to have high testosterone for once. I’m aware now that blasting supraphysiological amounts of test isn’t an accurate representation of what TRT would feel like, nore would it be sustainable.

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No need to be scared, either it will work or it won’t, my point is you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I see these being scared comments a lot on these TRT boards, this is low T playing with your head, men are supposed to be fearless, apropreately aggressive and confident, hallmarks of male dominance.

You’ll be back to your old self soon enough as long as you protocol is dialed in which can take months, a year or longer if you were me.

It can take 6-12 months to see significant improvements in TRT provided you aren’t one of those who is constantly changing dosages too often.

When you make dosage changes you are effectively hitting the pause button to progress.

My pre-trt levels were higher than some people’s levels on TRT and I have benefitted immensely. TRT is like average Joe vs Kobe Bryant. Worse case scenario you just go back to the you now. Seems worth it to me but I’m just a Kobe Bryant.

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When did you start noticing the first improvements?

Like I just posted in the other thread, it took 8 months of changing shit too early before I wised up and just let it go. Once I went to 185mg/week daily injections I started feeling good around the 2 month mark and great around 3. At the 6 month mark everything started coming together and I felt optimal in every aspect of this shit. It takes time to work and even longer to really work.

@dextermorgan My current pre TRT levels are 600ng/dl total test and 9ng/dl free test. I feel bad at this levels and I dont care how many people including in this forum will tell me I dont need TRT. Dr Keith Nichols told me I can benefit from TRT and Defy Medical told me I will benefit from elevated testosterone levels. Thats enough for me.

Yesterday thanks to an Australian doctor I chatted with in FB I finally learned how to test myself on testosterone without starting TRT. He advised me to inject 10mg testosterone suspension base. This testosterone is in and out for hours. He told me this way they test in Australia if someone will benefit from TRT without actually comitting them(this sounds genius).

I did that with my trusted dealer, he stuck a big IM needle somewhere in my arm and it still fucking hurts(this is the only way he knows to inject, old school). But I started to feel amazing a few hours later - more relaxed(no more agitation from everything around), more energetic and better libido. If this is what elevated t will feel like Im ready to inject myself 3 times a day if needed. The only thing is I could not fall asleep until very late,. Also today I feel bad, but I guess the body may have ceased T production for today a little bit.

So now I need to go through a few months process of healing myself from some STD bacteria, doing seamen analysis again and freezing sperm, then ready to INJECT and roll…

I’m not going to tell you that you don’t need TRT. I am going to tell you that what you did doesn’t prove anything, actually. Higher test levels make you feel great. Guys on 2 grams a week always feel fantastic and never feel as good off-cycle. That doesn’t mean that they need more test in regular life. I’m not saying what you do or do not need, just that you are dealing with imbeciles in your real life. NO ONE injects in the arm, past or present. That’s not “Old School”, that’s retarded. Small injection in the deltoid, sure. Old school would be the glute or the thigh, deep IM. Anybody that injects in the arm should be avoided.

@hardartery Well I plan to inject myself in the stomach, hope sub-q will work well for me. If this doesn’t work for me, I will look for alternatives or who to teach me properly to make shallow IM.

I’m desperate to feel a little bit better to be honest, having this low energy all day and brain fog just doesnt work for me.

Who did you speak to in Australia? I’m having a hard time finding someone, have an appointment next week though.

@danielsan30005 Email me, I can send you his facebook, dont have other contact of him.

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Cheers man, what’s your email?

What you felt is placebo. You can’t possibly know what elevated T levels feel like hours after one small injection

I appreciate your insight.
I’m going to start my own protocol once i arrive in Canada.
Judging by my SHGB level (28) Would it be possible to pin twice weekly subq?
Or is it too low and i need to pin EOD?

Should i do any more bloods before i start or have i covered everything?
Also curious if anyone has had any issue travelling overseas with their pins/test.
I could properly make a counterfiet prescription to label my vials if needed.

Completely untrue.

I had a friend telling me he felt a high shortly after injecting T. And I had also heard about it on a TRT documentary. Which I ended up not believing because of my own experience, and I told my friend it was all in his head. (placebo)

After testing low (312ng/dl) and starting my own trt protocol a couple years ago. I took 62mg Test C sub Q, and 250IU HCG. Every 3 days.

I didn’t feel anything but tired. I ended up stopping TRT for an entire year, and just now came back to it a couple months ago. This time I just took 100mg to the shoulder. No HCG.

I felt great within 20 minutes! I was buzzing! The brain fog had lifted, I felt a little euphoric. I’m usually irrate and grouchy as hell. I became much more calm, and confident. I didn’t sleep very much that night, but the next morning I did great at work. I had a ton more energy. I usually burn out and fatigue from just walking up a flight of stairs, but I was able to hop right up the steps without getting so tired.
My knees, feet and legs usually hurt really bad from walking around the grocery store I work at. And this had improved a lot!

I think if you’ve had Low T for years, and are new to TRT. your receptors are very sensetive to the new overwhelming amount of T in your system.