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22Y/O, 5’9” One Year Transformation from 165lbs -> 153lbs

This is taken exactly a year ago. At the time I was just doing a couple of boxing classes a week and was just starting to go the gym.

This was taken yesterday. My routine has pretty much consisted of doing 2 boxing classes a week and going to the gym twice a week. In the gym I’m doing full body workouts. I still try to eat as much as comfortably possible. But I’ve still managed to drop some body fat. I know the posing is poor but I was trying to emulate the before picture.

So I would appreciate if any of you guys could give me approximates of my bf% and also if I have even gained any muscle mass at all… Also any general advise on bodybuilding in my situation, is appreciated.

Thanks in ahead!

Mirror > internet approximations of bf%. You’re less than 20%.

Weight loss is tricky - some parts of you look bigger because the unflattering parts look smaller. You’ve done a GREAT job on the transformation. Your upper arms and chest may have grown a bit.

You’ll need to gain a lot of muscle mass. I’d also increase your frequency a bit. Specifically, your upper arms need a lot of size, everyone needs bigger shoulders, your chest needs more size, and I can’t see your back, but your lats probably need more size too.

You’re also not showing legs. Most likely because they need a lot more size.

Got a hypertrophy-based program in mind?

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Also no pump whatsoever

My mirror said >12%:joy:

I took a quick picture with no pump

I’m doing all the isolation movements to failure already. The big compound movements like squat, bench… I’m doing 5x5 and saving a couple of reps in the bank.

Thanks for the reply!

Do you want to be a bodybuilder or do you want to box? You can do both at the same time, but you’ll never be great in either department that way.

You can lift weights and box. You can even bulk up, lift weights and box; but the volume to which you’ll be able to train with weights isn’t going to be on par with a bro split. You’d be looking at a modified 5/3/1 or something like that.

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Post another pic holding a shoe for reference.

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