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22g vs 25g Needle? Length?

What is the best size for Test E? I’ve heard the gauge between 22-25 and length 1-1.5

22,23,25 are guages not length. That is how thick the needle is.

Length will either been 1 inch or 1 1/2. I have never found a need to go deeper then a 1 inch.

oooops. brain dead moment. let me edit that.

I prefer a 25 gauge altho some oil can be pretty thick making pushing a tad difficult if using a 25g for your glute. It’s not once you get the hang of it but at first it can cause some shaking until you master your technique.

If you don’t mind a slightly thicker needle and are starting off it might be easier to use a 23g for some oil.

I warm my gear up before pining so it flows through a 25 ga needle easily.

I personally like 25 gauge. I find that it is the “idiot” proof diameter. Basically it’s fine enough that even with these ultra thin oils the UGLs are putting out you can only force the plunger down so fast. That diameter keeps you from injecting too fast.

I will say that 22 seems to hold their sharp point a little better but then again that might have been the brand. What I mean is when using the same needle to draw and inject with the 22 seemed to stay sharper after being forced through the septum. However early in my cycling I would always try to push the needle through the same hole in the septum every time thinking it would be better than 10 holes by the end of the bottle. In reality I think I was shaving that hole because I would see little flecks of rubber in the oil at the end of the bottle.

If you can find them I found these one piece 25 gauge 1 inch tuberculin safety needles once a long time ago. That one piece design had no dead space. The dead space is the space inside the nipple of the syringe that the needle screws onto. So usually when ordering online when the description says “low dead space” that means they are a needle and syringe one piece set up. Since that one time I found those 25 by 1 inch every other time I find low dead space 25 gauge they are only like 1/2 or 5/8 inches long. You can use those for like your shoulders if your skin is thin enough but otherwise they are too short for most traditional intramuscular injection locations.

I use 27g 0.5"