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225lb Decline Press, Bar Fell on Chest


Today I was really hyped up to hitting my chest. Coming from almost a month of doing nothing my I lost a lot of strength. I was so excited that I though about what am going to do exactly in my session today last night before sleeping. I woke up today all ready to go higher in weight I call out a friend of mine to come along and train and to spot me as well :expressionless:

I setup my decline bench and put the safety bar just above my neck thankfully. I do my first set 135lb to warm up was super easy. went up to 225lb did 10 really easy. On the third set I left on the same weights and my friend helped me unpack. I like to use the thumbless grip also known as the suicide grip. I feel it gives me more explosive power pushing up.

Anyway once I unrack my hand slips backwards and the bar fell directly on my diaphragm and slid down to the safety bar. Now If i didn't have the safety bars adjusted I would have been either dead or severely injured. Guys... for the love of God....spotted or unspotted....hyped or not....just put the damn safety bars.

I couldn't breath of a couple of seconds. It felt really bad but it kinda bounced hard on my chest. Didn't feel anything get broken. Because I have a big ego I did another set 225lb for 8 reps. Did it strong. I kinda felt like it's revenge. Was easy and I went on with the rest of my workout as heavy as I can with no problems.

I have no pain berating in or out but when I press against my chest there is this slight pain. I can endure easily but the thing is I'm scared that this might increase in time and will set me back on working out chest again.

I wonder what are your thoughts guys with regards to similar injuries, and if you did how long did it take you to come back again. Is one week of rest enough to come back strong again. Also any thoughts about your own personal favourite grips and why. The thumbless grip scares the hell out of me now thinking what if it was 315lb. I also saw a video on the inter tubes of a russain powerlifter who died bench pressing some crazy weight for the same reason. Thumbless grip that is!


Please grip the bar OP, yikes. Sounds like you just bruised your sternum. I had a friend fracture his xiphoid from a similar scenario. Prolly be good to go in a week. Maybe use dumbbells next week if you still are sore.


Perhaps you ought to give more serious consideration to the reason it's called "suicide" grip.


I'm definitely guilty of benching without a spotter, but this is exactly why I don't use suicide grip. ALWAYS wrap your thumb around.


Been lifting with this grip since '99. Actually had my first scare today (with that aforementioned 315 mind you). Bar rolled and stayed within the racks. Moral of the story, it's not the grip, it's the focus.