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225lb Bench For Reps World Record Attempt for Charity

Registered my intention to set a new WR with Guiness World records last night, the process takes up to three months, so, fingers crossed!



Is it still relevant today?

I’m not sure what you mean?

Are you still attempting the record on the 10th of october.

And any news about Guiness World Records ?

Yep, I’m still going for it and no, I haven’t heard anything from Guinness Records yet.

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Do you think we will be able to see your performance ?

Yes, definitely, I’ve recently been practicing talking (with a professional film maker) about my experiences of mental health problems and why I want to do this for Mind. The details of exactly where I’m going to film this and other details are yet to be figured out, but hopefully once Guinness Records get back to me it will be a bit clearer.



I’ve recently bench pressed 112kgs x 60 reps + about 6 days ago I finally got a response from Guinness records asking for clarity about my record attempt…should find find out soon hopefully if they’ll accept my entry.