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225kg/495lb Squat for 9 Reps Raw @20YO


Really happy with how my squats went today. I was aiming for 6-8, 8 eseentially being a pipedream. My setup was really bad, the music made me a bit too hyped up and a couple of them weren't to my usual depth but all in all very happy.

It would be really appreciated if you guys could subscribe to my youtube channel. I'm competing at the raw gbpf nationals in a few weeks and I'll be posting more training videos.


Very nice. May I ask why you drop so ridiculously fast? Is that really helping? Depth looks fine throughout, any deeper would surely be compromising weight on the bar. Good luck for the Classic, I'm planning to go next year.

By the way, do you really get that "hyped up" listening to that music? I would have thought that was calm...


Cheers mate! I'm hoping to compete next year too so I'll see you there!

I was listening to Psychosocial by Slipknot really, really loudly. When I unracked the bar, it hit something and almost fell off my back. If you look closely you can see the bar wobble all over the place. It really messed me up mentally. That's esentially as hyped as I get lol, if I go too crazy I make even bigger mistakes than just having the barbell flail everywhere.

I like to descend quite quickly because I get a nice 'pop' out the hole using my stretch reflex.