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225 x 100?


So I was at the gym today and I older guy (he's 50) I sometimes talk to was trying to see if he could squat 225 for 100 reps in less than 10 minutes. This is a guy who used to compete with a best squat in the 700's. On a good day I've seen him get 585 for 3 reps.

Today he did all 100 reps around the 8:40 mark.

I squat 435 for a single right now and this guys is confident I could do this, I have my doubts. He's convinced it's a mental toughness and conditioning thing. I guess the only way to do it is to try. So one day when I have 4-5 day off work I'm going to give this a try.

Anyone else think they're up to the task?




HMM... 5 back to back widow makers...?

I'm out.


Ask how he prepares/trains for that and post back here. I would think you would need some type of regular higher rep training to even want to attempt something like that.


That sounds about as fun as pushing a Prowler around until you can't stand up and more then likely vomit.... although, I'm doing that on vacation in Florida next week because it sounded fun.... so this might have to be stored in my "Probably bad but in a fun kinda way" folder


Wow, 100 reps sounds terrible. But might be worth doing for the challenge.


watch that and ask yourself if it is something you really want to try


I feel very unmanly now.


I'd rather do 700 raw.


Theres a vid of strongman turned crossfitter Rob Orlando doing 100 reps at 200 lbs. He was talking about a workout he used to get it of 5 sets or so of max reps bodyweight squats.

I'd post the link but it would probably get deleted.


Its late tonight, Im not gonna have enough time to really do any lifting. Sooo, Im gonna load up a bar with 225 and see how this goes. Ill Report back tomorrow on how smart it really is haha


I'm not gonna lie or put up a front... I think rolling around in thumbtacks would be less painful than that...


I did 20 reps with 225 about a month ago, I would rather die than pump out another 80.


A few guys in our PL club used to do this "for conditioning" they spent 6-8 weeks working on it.
I always asked them why they did it and only got the vaguest of replies. I don't think this will do anythimg to increase your squat 1RM, in fact just the opposite! BTW they don't do it anymore and have come round to my way of thinking.
I think its fine for a challenge ie a goal in itself, but dont expect it to increase your lifts.


Yes I beleive it was reffered to as 'tonnage' training. I guess the aim was to have a huge volume, but although it might be great for endurance surely it wouldn't be compatible with increasing strength as is the goal of PL.


This thread belongs in the cardio section.


225 for 100 is not 230 for 1. That 50 year old guy at your gym is the most horrible kind of person on this earth. I bet all he ever talkes about is how lifting was back in his day and how he knows a guy that held some record for 15 minutes. Or how strong he, himself, was until he got hurt.

If anyone tries this, make sure you take your testicles off first. Be sure to film it and put it on youtube so every fucking idiot on earth can tell you how jacked you are and how you should be in the NFL.
Also, if anyone does try this, I hope it takes 5 hours and then you get Rhabdo. Then you have to go through 10 years of failed reconstructive surgeries where the doctors just end up removing your triceps. Then, you wont be able to ruin strength sports for people like me anymore.


This man is thinking outside the box. Who says cardio has to be done on a treadmill/elliptical/outside?

"What do you do for cardio?"



Whoa! So much anger. I'm not sure where you're coming from with this.

All I said was
-I know this guy strictly from the gym
-used to be a competitive powerlifter
-still lifts heavy
-some one put the challenge to him and he gave it a go

I didn't ask if anyone thought this would increase my 1rm or anything like that. I was just putting a question to other people that are into powerlifting if they think they could do it. For the challenge of it, nothing more. Kind of like Matt Kroc's 40 rep squat video.

STB, I know you're a strong guy that lifts some big weights but I fail to see how this "ruins strength sports for you." Maybe I missed something. I mean if I had asked "does anyone think they can do Kroc's 40 reps squat workout?" or "Can anybody do Dave Tate's death squat?" Would it still ruin strength sports for you?

There are a handful of videos online of notable names in lifting doing high rep squat challenges. Not necessarily PL workouts but just challenges. I'm not really trying to be an ass here but I'm just not following you.


I did 100kg (220lbs) for 35 reps when my 1rm was 140kg (305lbs). I reckon you could get very close to 225x100 if your heart was in it.