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225 Power Clean at 17


I was wondering if the squat clean is better for football? Also do you get more weight up during squat cleans?


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I don't know what you mean. I just want to know which would be better and which you get up more weight.


there arent even two things in the original post to compare


you might do better to use the search feature and look up some articles on olympic lifts. I'll see if I can find some.






Looking at the pictures in your profile . . .I have to suggest that a basic lifting program and learning to eat right would be more appropriate for you.

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Not nearly as funny as putting "football" down as a profession.

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EDIT: Or Reality Fail. Taken from OP's profile: "I can run a 40 in 5.6 at a bulk of 205...I could do the splits and a back flip. maybe that why I could run so fast."


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To try and answer your actual question, squat cleans allow for more weight but most of the range of motion is done in a front squat, so its more of a slow, strength building lift, as opposed to a fast power building lift.

While there still is a power aspect to the squat clean the power clean is probably better for football because it is by definition more of a power movement, due to the longer range of motion you have to explode through.


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What is a squat clean?


Ok first of all. I am heavy not super fat but bulky. I am flexible which is a huge aspect in running and strenth which I do have. I also have a good body relative strenth. I was also burn with a flexible tenden in my ankle. If you do not know what I mean by that look it up.


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I'm going to admit to talking out of my ass but I do know a squat clean is the Olympic style where their ass almost touches the ground because of how low they drop underneath it.

A power clean you barely drop under it, you bring it as high as you can before catching it. I'm not into Internet shit talking wars so I would prefer to not take part in anything like that.




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