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225 max

I am trying to get the reps on my 225 pound max up for a football tryout in a few months. I have been doing GVT and it has worked great so far. Can anyone suggest a new workout that I can cycle with GVT, or a workout that will work better?

Cycle max effort training for 2 weeks with ladder training for 2 weeks with higher rep range hypertrophy/endurance training for 2 weeks (focus on the 12-20 rep range). Also, do 100 push-ups a day as per Chad Waterbury’s article several months ago.

Norcross beat me to the punch again, i swear that kid doesn’t work. But anyways i would reccomend 100 reps a day ala Chad Waterbury. My good old buddy Steve Coppola did this and saw great size and strength returns. And now I am seeing even better results than Steve, watch out brother.
good luck.

Whatever method you do, you are going to have to tame fatigue. The method mentioned is good. Find what works for you. How many reps can you manage now? You may want to cut that in half and perform as many sets at a certain rest level. rest for 1 minute between sets. Then maybe cut out 10 seconds and perform as many sets. Something like that may work. What is your current rep max and how many weeks you got?

Will, one thing that will help is to perform 1 set on your max days with say 275-300 for 1-2 reps after warming up and then go into maxing at 225. To your nervous system the 225 will seem light.


Try the 5-on-5. Find a good weight that you can do five sets of five reps. Once you can successfully do a desired weight add a few pounds and keeping trying to get the 6sets of 5 reps. It has heled me a lot-two months ago I was benching a max of 205 lbs now I’m crawling towards a whopping 255 lbs. IN TWO MONTHS and I’m only 14. WOW!

Jay, I can rep out at about 25 and I test out in early march.

work on your one rep max using good form. do this by using high intensity and speed reps. At the end of each workout take 225 and try to bench it for as many reps as possible making sure you don’t get injured. Track your results. Doing a set at the end of each workout will help your body get used to that weight. laters pk

The old Muscle Media mag had a great routine published by Shawn Phillips. It is called ‘How to increase your bench by 50 lbs in 8 weeks’. It doesn’t quite get you 50 lbs, but it did work great for me. Here’s a link to an online article: www.musclemedia.com/ training/bench/benchintro.asp

remove the spaces, as usual.

Would an EDT like protocal work here? Using only the core part of the program and only working the bench. Trying to repetadly increase the reps in a given amount of time.

Just a point of concern with this and you may have everything covered. But are you taking care of all your other needs? With a rep count of 25 you are already in good position to display that you are “strong enough”, albeit there is room for improvement if you are an Interior Lineman. My point is merely a reminder to ensure that you are taking care of all your sport needs. In faith, Coach Davies