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225 for reps workout

Does anyone know the Poliquin workouts for increasing the reps with 225 lbs. I searched his website but it has changed and I can’t find it. I’ve begun training for the NFL combine in 2002 and need to increase my reps.
Thanks in advance with all the help with this challenge.

I remember this question on his web site a while ago. One thing he recommended was taking the weight and doing as many reps as you can. Then take a short rest break and do as many more reps with the weight. So let’s say on your first set you do 12 reps. The second set you do 9 reps. The third set you do 8 reps. You do as many sets as it takes you to get to 40 reps. And each week, you try to get more reps in less sets until you can do 40.

That was his first technique. His second technique was more successful, but now, I can’t remember how he did it. If I remember or find it, I’ll post the second technique. Something that you may want to try is the “ladder” technique that Pavel recommends. It can be applied to the bench press.

Say you want to do 25 reps. Do sets of as many as you can until you’ve done a total of 25 reps for that workout, like what Arnold did with pullups. After a while, you’ll be able to do 25 reps with 225 without stopping. You could also start with a weight you can already do 25 reps with & add a tiny bit every workout, using what Poliquin calls his Kaizen principle (it just means jump 1.25-2.5lbs each session)

Tom, Pro Football Weekly had an online article about how Adam Archuleta trains. He set a combine record for safeties last year with 31 reps. From the article, his protocol sounded alot like Westside with speed reps 45-60%, as well as maximal range weights for optimum neurological efficiency…

Thanks for the tips. I can’t find that article on Adam Archuleta though.

Tom, I know Archuleta’s coach is named jay Schroeder and has a website Evosport…

Also, Dave Tate (bench expert) answers questions at his web site, Elitefitnesssystems.com.

I take it that record was for safeties or cornerbacks with 31 reps?

I’ve seen the detailed breakdown of the Archuleta /Schroeder system and its a lot more complex than WSB in terms of training types. It also requires Schroeder’s guidance. Much the same as training WSB without Louie is pretty average. Also, it took Archuleta 5-6 years of that training to get there, you’ve got about 2 months, right?

Stick with the suggestions Nate and Drax posted.

You should already have a goal in mind. Base that goal on what you can do now (225 for reps) and what weight you can achieve your “rep-goal” (the ultimately desired # of reps) with. Somebody else suggested using Arnold’s approach to chins, and someone suggested using the weight you can rep at your goal and making slight increases. Do both. Alternate. On the “Arnold day”, I would use 230. That should give you some breathing room.

Good luck with the combine!