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225# Football Combine Test?

Looking for some tip on a training routine for my son, still has ea few years before he takes the test, but we are looking to train early to prepare for the 225# rep test on bench press. I have him doing 5x5 with 225 right now. Started out with about 3 minutes rest between each set, now down to less than 2 minutes rest. Hope to gradually take the rest out to get to 25 reps.

Do you think this will work or do you have other opinions. He also trains each major muscle once a week 5x5. He weighs 175 5 foot 10. Thanks.

Why are you worried about this test? it sounds like he will be in a speed position.

Just get him stronger overall 6-3 Months before the combine worry about these specific qualities. Focusing too much on the tests now will be too much of a detriment to his skills later.

Overall though unless you have another day with alot more weight your method will not work. To be able to do 25 reps of 225 he will need a max at least at 315 if not higher. If you have to use madcow fine, do it and increase the weight as he can do 5 or more, but still include a day with high reps at least once a week.

[quote]syates32 wrote:
He weighs 175 5 foot 10. Thanks.[/quote]

He better run a 4.3 40, and even then he needs 15# more at least

Check out defrancos site. Now.

Use the search function on this site, I asked the same question a few months ago.

[quote]BIGBOSSTRON wrote:
Check out defrancos site. Now.[/quote]

agreed it helped me jump 5 reps quick!

x2 on Defranco