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220lbs Currently Cutting


Just thought I'd post some pics as I start my cut, Army tape has me at 17%, but I dont know if thats accurate. I Started seriously at 250lbs, cut down to 200lbs, but I think I looked rather weak...I Bulked up to 220lbs which is where I am now...Lookin to get back to 200lbs hopefully around 10%. Some things I want to improve are my traps and maybe rear delts.

I had to attach the legs, because tinypic dot com wasnt working
sorry for the excessive lighting



sorry for multiple posts, trying to get the hang of this








Massive guns man lol, Chest definitely needs some improvement, but maybe its just the way your standing.


Heres a different angle on the chest


Diet: around 2500 calories, Trying for 50/30/20.

Here is a typical Day:

breakfast: 4-5 egg whites or just 2 whole eggs, 2 cups of oatmeal, mixed fruit, skim milk
brunch: 2 scoops of syntha6
lunch: grilled chicken, or baked salmon, mixed vegetables, apple, skim milk
dunch: 2 scoops of syntha 6
dinner: collard greens, green beans, turkey or tuna salad with usually fat free dressing (sometimes they dont have fat free)skim milk
before bed/after workout: 2 scoops of syntha6

I started eating cashews for healthy fats whenever i get hungry, but im not seeing the weight loss I want, I think I may cut them out. We'll see if I lose the 2lbs this week.


Day1: titties-calves
Day2: back-abs
Day3: arms-calves
Day4: shoulders-abs
Day5: wheels-calves
I use my rest day whenever im too busy with work, rotate calves and abs everyday.

cardio at least 25 minutes every day


after my first cut 200lbs


looks great man, its impressive!! you should try to maybe stay a little above "maintenance" instead of going all out bulking on after your next cut IMO. whats some of your goals? stats?


My overall goal is 200lbs under 10%bf


In my opinion if you diet down now you are going to end up under 200.. I think you could get up to 240 if you keep eating well and avoid putting on too much fat.. THEN diet down. What kind of numbers do you put up for bench/incline bench/DB bench/etc? Chest is definitely an obvious weakpoint. Arms lookin solid as hell.

Regardless, good job so far.


agreed...take your time. you don't want to shortchange yourself by cutting too often/early


Wheels look pretty good, I wanna see the calves though. The first picture looks like they might be super tiny.


I dont really max, I keep the reps in between 4-6. The heaviest I go on bench is 315 for 4 reps. Incline bench is about 245. My gyms a piece of shit, and the dumbbells only go up to 100.


My gym is a piece of shit so our dumbbells only go up to 100lbs. I rarely max out anylift. I stick within 4-6 reps. Bench 315 x4 Incline bench 245 x4. Here are calves...Well one of them.


Get that incline to 314 for 6+ and see if that doesn't help your chest development. I think your incline should be closer to your flatbench than it is.


I don't know why my arms are so far ahead of everything else, I train everything equally hard. I make sure to put the emphasis on my back during back day instead of the arms. Same with chest.