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220lbs @ 10% BF by May 2023

What’re you going to shoot for now or are you still processing?

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Warned by medical professionals ?

Or another douchebag on this forum sending negative vibes your way?

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What? Not sure if I’ve missed something but you giving up entirely? Don’t do that!

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190lbs @ 10% bf

I’m 224lbs @ 20% right now.

Need to lose 35lbs and I’m probably there.


not here a different forum. but he is right. what I need to do to reach that goal is not worth it for long-term health. “I’m not getting paid, I’m not a pro” my answer to that is I don’t have to be either of those things to use any tool at my disposal to create the most elite version of myself.

it’s my fault. if you don’t want strangers telling you what to do, stop telling strangers WHAT YOU ARE DOING. I post to document what I did and what result I got. I never expect lectures from strangers.

even if I don’t know the messenger or want to hear his message, it doesn’t make him wrong.

I like to be transparent. It was my only outlet in real life this is all a secret.


I’m going to pick a new goal that doesn’t require much and work on that is all.


No matter the reason, the ability to pivot when new information is learned is what makes a person intelligent.

Good luck with your new goals man! I know you have the work ethic to accomplish whatever you decide.


My little feelings have been hurt for the last 24 hours. I thought was making progress.

He said “I looked at your picture, you don’t need it yet” oof


meme courtesy of andrewgen


Fuck him and fuck the man who raised him to be a little bitch :man_shrugging:t3: :woman_shrugging:t3:

You have made a shit load of progress (as your pictures show)

Don’t let a little cyber bitch get you down. I speak for everyone when I say following this log and your journey has been a privilege


Fuck all that noise, you know you can achieve that goal. Go get it.


Honestly man, unless there’s some new information I missed over the past day or so of posts - I don’t think there’s a new reason to quit.

This is bad math. To get to 190lbs @ 10%, you need to lose 10%BF… 224 x 0.10 = 22.4lbs

When I first joined this forum, I looked at your log from the top and doubted you - along with everyone else. Then I got to know a little more about you, paid attention to your log, and found you FAR surpassing everyone that doubted you. You’ve proven me, and quite a few others, wrong with this log - and I’m damn proud of you for doing so too.

About a month ago, I asked you what inspired you to lose the weight. You responded with this:

If none of these reasons have changed, I see no reason why you should listen to whatever asshat told you this:

You’ve been told this before and disregarded it…

Why change paths now?

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It’s not possible in the time frame when March-August will be lost to surgery.

I like to overshoot by 10lbs. I don’t know about you but at the end of a cut I gain 7-10lbs as glycogen stores refill and I fill back out from eating a little more.


Instead of changing the goal, why not change the deadline? just curious

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Deadline was my 50th birthday.

I’ve been daydreaming about not wearing a shirt at my party and being swole this whole time :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


All you have to do is take your shirt off at the party and mission accomplished



You have made incredible progress and have inspired so many people here. Take a look in the mirror and see how far you’ve come from where you started.

@Andrewgen_Receptors and @boilerman are both right — you’ve achieved the intangible goals you set out to achieve and you can deservedly be proud of yourself for having done so. Please don’t undermine this incredible success for yourself because of a temporary set-back. That would be a tragedy for any and all of us humans who are in this together.



It takes a big man to make a goal public and it takes an even bigger man to realise they can’t achieve that and delay publicly move the goal. It’s ok to move the goal posts of you arnt going to get there.

I’m just enjoying your workouts, some of them are very impressive and very inspiring to see some of the tin you shift. Keep up the good work.


@ejones1 I’m really hoping you continue to log here, it’s been an outstanding transformation to date for us all to witness. Nothing but respect on your focus and efforts as observed here.

There’s nothing wrong or bad about adjusting ones goals, as we mature, we learn more about ourselves and what we want out of life.

Also echoing the other positive comments above too.

Please keep us posted on your plans moving forward!