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220lbs @ 10% BF by May 2023

thank you. what it feels like…


You are getting surgery in January?

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Good luck!

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Training for 11/20

Pull Up 10,10,10,10,10 +45lbs
Pushup 5,5,5
Dip 2,2,2
Lat Pulldown 120x15,120x15,120x15
Straight Arm Lat Pulldown 60x15,60x15,60x15
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 40x10,40x10,40x10
Fly 10x10,10x10,10x10
Dumbbell Front Raise 10x10,10x10,10x10
Plate Front Raise 45,45,45

6-mile walk

food for 11/19 calories 2351, carbs 223, fat 74, protein 217

bodyweight 11/20 4am 237 lbs


maintenance log

week 5 (11/14-11/20)

210mg test c, 140mg tren a, 4mg salbutamol

blood pressure 11/15 100/58, 11/17 108/60, 11/19 102/58

Resting heart rate 11/15 84, 11/17 78, 11/19 80

sides-- none. no AI.

7-day average bodyweight 236

average daily calories 2476, carbs 208, fat 91, protein 213.

trained 7 days. 11 hours of cardio.

for week 6 (11/21-11/27) calories: 2400 w/180g protein.
programming: SuperSquats for 3 weeks, 7 training sessions. 7 hours cardio. pharma: 210mg test c, 140mg tren a, 4mg salbutamol


Training for 11/21

SuperSquats W4D1

Overhead press 27x10, 82x12, 82x12, 82x12
Squat 150x5, 240x3, 365x20
Pullover 25x20
Bench Press 27x10, 77x5, 122x12, 122x12, 122x12
Bent Over Row 135x10, 250x15, 250x15, 250x15
Trap Bar Deadlift 145x5, 235x3, 325x15
Pullover 25x20

3-mile walk

food for 11/20 calories 2578, carbs 160, fat 136, protein 186

bodyweight 11/21 4am 239 lbs


Is salbutamol for asthma, or does it serve a hypertrophic purpose?


“Safer” version of clenbuterol I believe.

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So it increases your calorie expenditure?

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I don’t know much about it to answer that.

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It’s a weaker version of Clenbuterol which exits the body much faster. It is used for Asthma ( Clen was is also used for breathing issues in Animals in most of the world) but is at it’s core a corticosteroid which “h has the same effect on the adrenergic system as exercise, resulting in weight loss, an increase in muscle mass and a reduced appetite”

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I don’t have asthma.

link to a study

Effect of salbutamol on muscle strength and endurance performance in nonasthmatic men

Salbutamol for bodybuilding /weight loss

Salbutamol is a selective beta-adrenergic agonist/antagonist. It is primarily medically prescribed for the treatment of asthma, similar to other beta-adrenergic agonists that are available for the management of airway obstruction. Selective beta-2 agonists such as Salbutamol are the preferred method of treating asthma due to their ability to help alleviate breathing problems in users, while minimizing the cardiovascular effects that accompanies the use of the drug.

For strength athletes, bodybuilders and others who are seeking to improve performance or their physical appearance, Salbutamol offers numerous benefits. For the most part, it is most often considered a “fat burner”/weight loss in the bodybuilding community. This is due to the ability of the drug to stimulate fat cells, increase lypolysis, decrease appetite, increase body temperature, as well as increasing basal metabolic rate, among other things. All of these factors, when combined with proper diet and training, would obviously help to increase the rate of fat loss in users. However the use of Salbutamol is not limited to simply fat loss. There is evidence that it can help to dramatically improve athletic performance as well as helping to contribute to anabolism.

It has been demonstrated in numerous studies that the use of Salbutamol can help to increase muscular strength in users. These are often accompanied by increases in muscle mass. Specifically, in one such study it was noted that users of Salbutamol showed much greater improvements in strength when compared to a control group, after both groups had previously been training for ten weeks with no significant differences in their progress. The group given Salbutamol also showed larger increases in lean body mass. The doses for these individuals began at 4 milligrams per day, given orally, and were increased and then maintained at 16 milligrams per day for the duration of the study. Similar findings were made in another study where the subjects only trained their quadriceps muscles. Again, both gains in strength and muscle size were noted in the group that was administered Salbutamol during their training.

However the performance enhancing ability of Salbutamol is seemingly not limited to strength training. It was shown that the times of users performing endurance exercises significantly improved with the use of Salbutamol. Interestingly these improvements were accomplished without the drug negatively impacting the VO2, respiratory exchange ratio, heart rate or plasma free fatty acid and glycerol concentration of users during the exercise conducted. Rather the plasma lactate and potassium concentrations were altered. This would all bode well for endurance athletes who are looking to improve their athletic output and not negatively impact other areas of their performance capabilities.

With these performance enhancing benefits, Salbutamol also offers health benefits for the user by way of positively impacting their overall cholesterol levels. It has been demonstrated that Salbutamol elevates high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, while also lowering low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.


Training for 11/22/2021

Pull Up 20,20,20,20,20 +35lbs
Pull Up 0,0,0 +120lbs
Lat Pulldown 60x15,60x15,60x15
Straight Arm Lat Pulldown 60x15,60x15,60x15
Cable Rope Triceps Pushdown 45x10,45x10,45x10
Cable One Arm Tricep Extension 25x10,25x10,25x10
Cable Rope Face Pull 15,15,15
Triceps Pushdown V Bar 25X10,25X10,25X10
Dumbbell Tricep Kickback 35x10,35x10,35x10
Dumbbell Standing Triceps Extension 40x10,40x10,40x10
Dumbbell One Arm Row 40X10,40X10,40X10
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 25x10,25x10,25x10
Fly 10x10,10x10,10x10
Dumbbell Front Raise 10x10,10x10,10x10
Plate Front Raise 25,25,25
Preacher Curl 70x10,70x10,70x10
Barbell Curl 45X10,45X10,45X10
Dumbbell Alternate Hammer Curl 25x10,25x10,25x10

6-mile walk

food for 11/21 calories 1969, carbs 216, fat 99, protein 81

bodyweight 11/22 4am 238 lbs



I don’t want to clog up your log with my stuff.

You were interested in bench progression. It took me 4 months to go from an empty barbell to 225x5.

I’ll share my spreadsheets.

Means nothing to you (can’t compare) I weighed much more than you so should be able to lift more.

I started with stronglifts 5x5 app on 10/31/2015. I was extremely overweight. I’d never lifted weights before. I watched videos to learn how to do the lifts. I had no clue what I was doing. Stuck with it and started to figure it out.




Interesting to look at the far right columns, the goals. Where I’d thought I’d be by Dec 2019.

Still have never OHP’s 225 been stuck at 205 for a long time. Never Squatted 550lbs. Never benched 405lbs.


One other thing I just saw, using this website to gauge progress is out the window. :laughing:


Good luck with your surgery. You’ll be back in action before you know it.


goddamn that is some crazy volume

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Training for 11/23

SuperSquats W4D2

Overhead press 27x10, 82x12, 82x12, 82x12
Squat 150x5, 240x2, 330x2, 350x1, 370x20
Pullover 25x20
Bench Press 27x10, 77x5, 128x12, 128x12, 128x12
Bent Over Row 135x10, 250x15, 250x15, 250x15
Trap Bar Deadlift 145x5, 235x3, 325x15
Pullover 25x20

6-mile walk

food for 11/22 calories 2383, carbs 271, fat 80, protein 153

bodyweight 11/23 4am 239 lbs