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220lbs @ 10% BF by May 2023

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Recovery on track my man!!!

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Anadrol? Dbol?

I am almost three weeks in. Started at 700 mg/wk Test. That lasted about 3 days. Then 700 mg/wk Test and 40 mg of Tbol a day. Then I looked at my slin pins and realized that there was an annoying 0.2mL of air at the top. Now I am at 875 mg/wk Test, 40 mg of Tbol a day.

In a moment of weakness, I checked out my supplier’s list. They added DHB. I held of the urge to order, but yesterday I emailed them about getting some of that. Always been interested in DHB. It has a lot of hype, and the only ones who I have heard anything negative about it from haven’t tried it. Well, I think @wanna_be was only so so on it, but did say it made the muscle pop a bit.

I am starting to think the ones who actually look like they are on, are using more than they typically say, have decent or better genetics, and have lifted for a long time.

I know one can hold more muscle on TRT than if natty, but I just don’t think I can believe MPMD’s being on only 100 mg/wk test for the last couple years, or Greg Doucette, being on 120 mg/wk. Yeah, their genetics are better than mine (especially Greg), but those physiques look a lot better than some of the actual Mr. O winners / top finishers who are also on TRT.

Got on a bit of a rant lol.

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100mg Anadrol daily. Read it was dry and would work well in a cut. I have determined it is just as wet as dbol.

I suspected this. Dan the bodybuilder from Thailand’s podcast confirmed it for me.

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Sir, I would be so upset today if I still waddled when I walked, needed a training bra, and was that round and soft.

This is from 11/5/2015.

I’ll never press or bench with a straight bar again. Swiss bar only.


Is this the telemarketer in you coming out? lol


waking up back where I started is a recurring nightmare.

30 years of yo-yo dieting will do that to you.


My bad checked in on my phone from work and all I picked up was the OHP :man_facepalming:t3: :woman_facepalming:t3:

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:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :rofl:


Pull Up 20,20,20
Lat Pulldown 120x15,120x15,120x15
Cable Rope Face Pull 15,15,15
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 40x15,40x15,40x15
Dumbbell Standing Triceps Extension 40x15,40x15,40x15
Triceps Pushdown V Bar 25X15,25X15,25X15
Dumbbell Front Raise 5x15,5x15,5x15

3 mile walk 60lb weighted vest


Training for 10/14

Barbell Standing Overhead Press 87x10,87x10,87x10
Dumbbell Bench Press 40x10,40x10,40x10
Dumbbell Incline Bench Press 40x10,40x10,40x10
Dumbbell Fly 5x10,5x10,5x10
Dumbbell Incline Fly 5x10,5x10,5x10
Dumbbell Standing Triceps Extension 40x10,40x10,40x10
Cable One Arm Tricep Extension 25x10,25x10,25x10
Triceps Pushdown V Bar 25X10,25X10,25X10
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 40x10,40x10,40x10
Dumbbell Front Raise 10x10,10x10,10x10

10 mile walk

food for 10/13 calories 2183, carbs 280, fat 65, protein 152

bodyweight 10/14 4am 228lbs


Training for 10/15

Trapbar Deadlift 3x145,3x235,3x285,2x325,1x375,1x415,1x465,1x510,1x560,1x610
Pull Up 20,20,20 2,1,1 +90lbs
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 120x10,120x10,120x10
Cable Rope Face Pull 10,10,10
Dumbbell Concentration Curls 25x10,25x10,25x10
Preacher Curl 120x10,120x10,120x10
Barbell Curl 75x10,75x10,75x10

10-mile walk

food for 10/14 calories 1621, carbs 224, fat 28, protein 126

bodyweight 10/15 4am 230 lbs


Damn man, 600 plus on trap bar deads. Hell yeah, that is a strong pull!


Training for 10/16

Barbell Squat 260x20,260x20,260x20
Barbell Squat 150x10,150x10,150x10,150x10,150x10

2-mile walk

food for 10/15 calories 4178, carbs 486, fat 198, protein 142

bodyweight 10/16 7am 233 lbs


Training for 10/17/2021

Barbell Bench Press 87x10,87x10,87x10
Seated Overhead Press 82x10,82x10,82x10
Dumbbell Incline Bench Press 40x10,40x10,40x10
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 40x10,40x10,40x10
Fly 10x10,10x10,10x10
Cable Rope Triceps Pushdown 45x10,45x10,45x10
Dumbbell Tricep Kickback 35x10,35x10,35x10
Dumbbell Standing Triceps Extension 40x10,40x10,40x10
Dumbbell Front Raise 10x10,10x10,10x10
Front Raise 25,25,25

2-mile walk

food for 10/16 calories 1784, carbs 203, fat 90, protein 58

bodyweight 10/17 9am 234 lbs


maintenance log

week 0 (10/10-10/16)

blood pressure 10/11 108/62, 10/14 108/56, 10/16 90/48

Resting heart rate 10/11 78, 10/14 88, 10/16 92

7-day average bodyweight 229

average daily calories 2285, carbs 268, fat 89, protein 121.

trained 7 days. 18 hours of cardio.

for week 1 (10/17-10/23) calories: 1700 w/160g protein. 7 training sessions. 14 hours cardio.


That seems like a very small amount of protein for someone as jacked as you mate ?


Glad you’re taking a maintenance phase after all those weeks of deep deficit. Those “before” pics… you’re an inspiration.


Animal shit. Champ shit. Real shit.

You have my deep respect king

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You are right.

It was delicious.