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220lbs @ 10% BF by May 2023

Starting at 243lbs @ 30% bf. Goal is 220lbs @ 10% bf by May 2023

1800 average daily calories per week
12 hours liss per week
5/3/1 4 days per week
cutting to 190 lbs, then starting a bulk



How are you measuring body fat

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Guessing, comparing to the estimated bodyfat photo charts on the internet.

This is a training log, and you haven’t asked for feedback, so I’ll take my thoughts and go if you like. But IMO, the plan above is unwise and unsustainable–a recipe for frustration and failure.


What should be different?

I keep making it to this point and never over the hump.


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With the length of the goal you might could just eat at maintenance and continue training and make it? Somebody with more knowledge will be by sure to correct me if wrong. But that’s my guess

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Eye dentist said I’m doing it wrong. Curious to know what he would change.

I plan to lose 50 more pounds in the next 5 months the same way I lost the last 103.

The math is not in your favor.

As a 240# active male, and setting your BMR at 13 cal/lb/d, your daily output (ie, maintenance cals) is about 3100 cals/d. If your average daily intake is 1800 cals/d, that works out to a daily deficit (avg) of 1300 cals. Your goal is a 50# weight loss. At 3500 cals/lb, that’s 175,000 cals. At 1300 cals/d, it will take you 175K/1300 = 135 days to reach your goal. That works out to trying to run a 1300 cal daily deficit for over 5 months.

These calculations don’t take into account the fact that your daily caloric needs will drop as you lose weight–ie, as your bodyweight drops, a daily intake of 1800 cals will buy you less and less weight loss. Thus, the actual time needed would be significantly longer than 5 months. Let’s ballpark the plan as endeavoring to sustain an avg daily deficit of 1000 cals for at least 6 months.

The point: It is unrealistic (to put it mildly) to expect to run such a deep caloric deficit for such a long time.


Do you think the goal is unrealistic or just the route is unrealistic?

The second half seems more difficult to me. 243 lbs at 30%bf would cut down to 190 lbs at 10%bf (a lot of assumptions here like no change in muscle mass and that the picture bf measurements are accurate). Then you’re trying to gain 30 lbs of lean muscle.

I would think a better route would be a much smaller deficit for a long period of time or many smaller cut/bulk phases. Not trying to do it in one go.

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Why is your timeline so short for the weight loss? You could potentially achieve it (highly unlikely, but you could), but by the time you got down to that weight you would be hormonally decimated from essentially being in starvation mode. Can you achieve your overall goal? Absolutely. But a more sensible approach over a longer period of time would keep you feeling human and give you a much better chance for long-term success.

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Are you planning on using PEDs? You have a year and a half to lose 50 lbs and gain 30 lbs of muscle. I would think half of what you are trying to achieve would be very impressive.

Not trying to shit on your goals, but don’t be heart broken if you fall far short.

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Training for Friday 12/11/2020

Bench 5x150, 5x190, 5x225, 5x245, 5x280, 5x320
Barbell Row 15x225, 15x225, 15x225
Dumbell Curl 15x25, 15x25, 15x25
Front Raise 15x40, 15x40, 15x40
Side Raise 15x25, 15x25, 15x25
Lat Pulldown 15x70, 15x70, 15x70
Lat Pushdown 15x70, 15x70, 15x70

5 mile walk 1 hour 35 minutes

The quicker I’m not fat, the quicker I can run my first cycle and start building muscle.

For reference I am 47 years old.

Yes, I will run several cycles.

Losing 50 lbs in 5 months would give me a year to eat in a surplus and gain muscle.

How tall are you?

That bench is strong. What is your 1RM?

Be careful with the anabolics. I use, so I won’t say don’t do it.

Being lean is going to make a huge difference (since is sounds like you got some muscle on you).


5’11" 365x1

That’s a fair point, if you’re gonna boot your hormones with PEDs then it isn’t such a big deal if they’re jacked up from cutting. Just don’t be shocked if the cut takes you a little longer than you’re planning for.

That bench is fucking gross though dude, nice work. You have to have significant muscle on you to be able to do that, so you’re in a better position to do what you wanna do than most people.

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I am an inch shorter than you. I just put up 375 on the bench, so we similar. I am 206-210 lbs, and somewhere around 16% BF. I’ll say getting to 220 lbs at 10% would be damn hard in a year and a half for me, unless I get into running some crazy stacks.

10% may be leaner than you think. At your height and weight goal, you will certainly turn heads if you get there.

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Congrats on the century mark so far!

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Goal #1–cutting to a BW of 190#–is perfectly realistic. The plan to achieve it–running a 1K+ caloric deficit x 6 months–is the unrealistic part.

As for goal #2 (bulking from 190 to 220 while maintaining BF% at 10)…Whether it is unrealistic depends on several unstated factors, the most important of which is, as already mentioned above, whether @ejones1 plans on using anabolics.

Never mind, just saw that anabolics are in the plan. Unfortunately, this makes the lean-bulk goal realistic. I say ‘unfortunately’ because it is likely that very high doses of multiple compounds will be required, and such a regimen might have significant negative health impacts. OP, I know you’re a grown man capable of making your own decisions, but are you sure you want to do this?

My unsolicited advice would be to not commit to the bulk part, and instead focus on reaching your goal weight. As mentioned above, you would likely look (and feel) great at that weight, and maybe that will be enough.

It comes down to this: Provided it’s done safely, going from 240 to 190 is a move in the direction of both better health and increased longevity. But going from 190 to 220 as planned is a move in the opposite direction.