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220kg/484lbs DL

484@210 age: 14

Good wieght… bad tech.

Note the curvature of my lower back, wasnt tucked in and arched.

I blame this mainly to doing that stupid rolly thing… dont ask me why I did it, just seemed smart at the time. ANyway, didt arch and brace like I normally would… bad lift.

Yes, i know straps, but Im waiting for my cocs, and I want to pull heavy weight… so bite me!

Its a good pull bro seen worse.

few things, your losing a ton hanging out down there rollin etc. If using straps strap uo stay inn an SLDL stance. get read your breath dip, pull your self down and go. Hanging out down there you lose any minimal SSC you can get.

#2 and more important. stop that jerk on the bar shit NOW!!! if you want to keep your bicep tendons. Those arms need to be straight and tension on the bar then pull. that jerk is all lost and just absorbed by the tendons. if you were tight prior you wouldnt get that uber stress on the and your initial power would be used on the load and not wasted


Ditto on what Phil says. Also, don’t hyperextend at the top. There is no need to lean back. You are at the top- don’t risk an injury by leaning back - we all know you are locked out. I do a similar thing when I squat (I hyperextend my knees because I really blast the last few inches). As Matt Smith once told me, you don’t get any extra points for jerking at the top. You aren’t being explosive, you are just being dangerous.

Thank you very much phil that was extremely helpful.

u didnt use much of your legs

First off, congrats. That’s an impressive weight you DL’d for being 14yo.

Second, listen to the advice given. You’re still a kid and have a whole lifetime of lifting ahead of you so work on the technique now even if you have to sacrifice some weight to get the form down.

Keep up the good work