22 Yrs Old, My First Cycle (Test+Dbol)

So I’m 22, been training since I was 15.
Never used any PEDS apart from ostarine last year lol and I’ve finally manned up and decided to actually pin myself.
I’ve got 2 vials of ‘SuperSus400’ and I plan on pinning .625ccs of that twice a week.
I also have 100 10mg DBOL pills and will kickstart my cycle with 30mg a day until I run out. I also have YK11 which I will run at 10mg a day to inhibit myostatin, and it also acts as a mild AI.
I have arimidex which I will take .5mg EOD and adjust from there.

My support is TUDCA+NAC, fish oils and a general multivitamin. I’m eating 4600 calories a day from generally clean sources, plan to increase when the test kicks in.

I did my first shot yesterday and as I was nervous as FUCK I wanted to just do my quad so I could see what I was doing. I pushed the needle in and the force I had to apply to the plunger to get the oil in shocked me!
It was painless and I was nervous for no reason, I have quite bad PIP today, expected as theyre virgin muscles.

I’ll keep you guys updated.

Do you need to run this at the start? Wouldn’t myostatin increase come further along in the cycle? Could you wait until you hit a plateau to add it in?

I’m not sure familiar with myostatin, or YK11, but curious on your thoughts


Probably go hand in hand. A lot of people seem to get pip from higher concentrated gear

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Sustanon 400 mg/ml, same as my first cycle. Some people are fine on it, I was not. It was a nightmare. Never again.
I don’t even count that as PIP. Pip is what you get from test prop, or primo, ie a bit of soreness and bruising at the site. Goes in a couple of days at most, but won’t stop you from doing anything.
400mg/ml gear needs a solvent medium like ethyl oleate to keep all that test in solution.
If you are allergic to it, you get a much more pervasive pain, swelling and redness, and heat. If you pin your quads(don’t), you’d be forgiven for thinking you had an infection.
You can’t bend your leg without extreme pain, whole leg feels stiff. It persists for 5-6 days then your ready for your next shot. I don’t know how I got through that first cycle.I kept the injections to the glutes, which was the least painful site.
If these symptoms sound familiar, then you will need to find some gear no more than 250mg/ml, with no ethyl oleate.

If your pain disappears quickly and is not so pervasive, then good luck to you.

Will I eventually get used to it? Cus I’m only doing .625ml of oil per injection.
Maybe I should inject really really slow? Cus I was so panicked I think I did it all in about 5 seconds

Yeah it would sense, but I have enough YK to run it throughout the entire cycle so I thought I may as well lol.
I heard it can give some pretty good strength gains and can keep you looking kinda dry, so it might help handle the DBOL bloat lol

If it’s just because it’s virgin muscle it’ll get better with time, if it’s because such a high concentration of gear it won’t get better

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I’m hitting legs tomorrow and my pip is still fucking awful. I will try glutes when I pin next. Maybe delts at some point

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Ventrogluteal is even better

So I did my second pin yesterday, I did my left quad and pushed the oil in so slowly (about 40 seconds it took for the .625ccs to go in) and my PIP is minor compared to the pain I had in my right quad :slight_smile:

I haven’t really felt the dbol kick in yet, finishing my 5th day on it now. I guess my pumps are better in the gym.
My appetite has gone to absolute shit which I expect is the Dbol lol. I’m just powering through anyway. I’m currently taking LIV52DS AND TUDCA+NAC so I don’t know why my liver is fucking crying

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I just can’t do this anymore. It’s like these threads are designed to make me sit at a desk and angrily break a pencil in my hands as I read them.


what part was it?

Thanks for logging your first cycle. Please keep us posted as I’m sure you are going to have questions along the way.

I notice you didn’t ask for feedback or advice. So I’ll limit my comments to two suggestions……

  1. Drop the Dbol, YK11, and arimidex and just run the 500mgs of Test. I think this would GREATLY increase your chance of having a successful cycle.

  2. If you want pain-free injections, buy your self some 29 gauge, 5/8” insulin pins. You can use them in quads, delts, ventroglutes, dorsoglutes with hardly any pinning paining and less PIP then larger needles. Just be very slow and methodical, no lateral force on the pin, so you don’t snap one off in yourself.


Dosing schedule (which indicates lack of understanding)

Dbol (which indicates lack of understanding)

YK11 (JFC)

Choice of sustanon is bad, but high concentration sustanon is exquisitely dumb

AI without any proof it’s needed (which indicates lack of understanding)

So I mean the answer is I guess “everything”.


What is wrong with my dosing schedule? Wow 250mg twice a week! That doesn’t seem particularly odd?
Anyone who runs DBOL has a lack of understanding?
I’m running YK11 as I’m interested in the myostatin inhibition and am curious
I’m using the AI due to the fact I’m running two highly estrogenic compounds (especially the Dbol, I understand it produces methylestradiol). Do you suppose I only run it once I get gyno or what?
I don’t understand how using a high concentration of gear is ‘exceedingly dumb’, will it hinder results in any way?

No no mate I am very happy for advice, you guys know WAY more than me and I’m so happy to learn.
If I was running the test wouldn’t I need to keep the arimidex (or some sort to AI) just to keep gyno at bay? Sorry if that seems a stupid question

vastus lateralis

So with arimidex…it’s something you don’t want to run unless you have to. It is a necessary evil sometimes, to keep E2 sides under control, but it does absolutely nothing good for your body. So you don’t want to run it until you have to, and then as little as necessary.

You are correct that, if you do run the 500 test and 30mg/day Dbol, you will likely need the AI at some point later in the cycle, but not now. I think you would doing yourself a huge favor by not running the Dbol and skipping the arimidex, though.

I was going to answer for iron-yuppie but I see he is typing, so I’ll sit tight and grab a beer. Pro tip: he’s very knowledable. Ask his advice and you’ll be doing yourself a big favor.

That makes sense mate, thank you.
And yeah I really appreciate the advice from you guys I hope it doesn’t come across badly from me.
This crap is so complicated and I always see conflicting stuff especially regarding AIs with certain compounds

You don’t understand how sustanon works. If you did you’d know what’s wrong with it. Instead of buying something easy to manage you bought a meme.

No, just most guys, especially new guys. I don’t have the energy for the whole lecture, but you’re using what amounts to liver toxic testosterone with harder-to-understand methylestradiol while not having any baseline of how to manage your e2. You’d get the same effect using more testosterone minus all the downsides.

I’ll sate your curiosity: it doesn’t do that anymore than any other steroid. And that’s what it is, a steroid. Never mind what it’s sold as, it’s a pretty basic (but clever!) testosterone based steroid.

What’s your e2 on 500mg test (either peak or trough)? At what level do you get side effects? What are said side effects? What dose of anastrozole eliminates those side effects?

If the pip is bad enough, yeah, it will. But that’s not the real problem. Buying high dose gear for a first cycle is the green M&M’s in the Van Halen contract rider.

Also, you’re 22. Your brain isn’t fully developed. Know what does wonders for brain development? Normal hormone profiles.

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