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22 Yrs Old, First Cycle: RAD140, Winny. HCG-Only PCT?

I’m super ready to get roasted by everyone for this, but I HAVE to ask.

I just got off a RAD140 cycle of 15mg for 10 weeks, and I tossed in 25mg of oral Winny for 2 More weeks because I ran out of RAD. Not ideal, but I was headed home and I wanted to be on something to keep my look. Dumb, but it worked.

Because I’m 22 and it’s my first cycle, I’ve heard from doctor on the good ole YouTube that younger people, and first time cyclers bounce back quicker test-wise.

I took a blood test on my…test, and my free test was 13.1 and regular test was 41. HOWEVER, I took my blood test one day after my cycle. So would it cause it to be super suppressed? I will say I waited a week to start HCG, and at about day 5 I started to feel like shite. Classic crashing symptoms as far as lack of motivation and muscle aches. Working out SUCKED.

My question is this. I’m running HCG 5000iu administered as 750x4 EOD, 500x3 EOD, 250x2 EOD. Is that good enough for a PCT? I know it’s a pre-PCT supplement, but with it being my first cycle and my age being what it is, can it recover well enough after that so I could start another cycle? I would get bloods done and make sure their sufficient first, but I wanna save my nolva for round 2 PCT if it’s not necessary. I also don’t want to waste money on bloods just for it to be low still and have to get another after nolva.

Happy roasting. Thanks in advance everyone.

No, HCG isn’t doing anything to restart your HPTa, it’s further suppressing it.

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Well, it will get the T (testicles) in HPTa going well, but it will suppress P (pituitary) as it is an LH analog. I don’t have an issue with using HCG before using a SERM PCT. Since this cycle mostly RAD, with a bit of winny at the end (probably only suppressed, not shut down), it is probably overkill.

The HCG is being dosed way to high. 500 IU EOD is going to be about as much as anyone needs (you can only stimulate the balls so much). The dosing OP is using could cause damage to the Leydig cells in the testicles if done long term. I think he is fine, but I wouldn’t recommend this much HCG.

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That’s how I’ve seen it done usually, kinda prime the balls for stimulation from the SERM. But I wouldn’t count HCG solo as PCT, and you’re right, for him it’s very much overkill. If anything he did a few weeks of Nolva he’d be just fine

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Agree here.

That’s a comedic amount of HCG. I cannot even imagine how that was drawn up with a straight face. You should stop taking the HCG now.


So you guys would all agree that I could cut the HGC and start Nolva and be good?

The plan is:

  • 40mg - 18 days
  • 20mg - 14 days

Random amount, but it’s just to use the full dosage available rather than wasting

It is a good plan. I would probably take the extra 4 days of 40 mg, and spread them out towards the tail end of the PCT. 40 for 2 weeks, 20 mg for 2 weeks, 10 mg for 2 weeks. That is just me though. I would want coming off the nolva to hardly be noticeable.

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