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22 Yrs Old 5'9, 180 lbs.


Hey guys, just thought id post up some pics.
Best bodyparts: back, and quads
Worst bodypart: calves and arms :frowning: lol

Critique away...i think i can handle it :confused: haha


and a back shot!


and a back relaxed


Damn kid! Looking good. You're right, arms need more attention as well as shoulders and traps. Back is lookin thick and the wheels are tight. No calves shot though. I gave ya a 6.


Post your stats, lifts, etc. Hell post your diet and routine as well to get the best critiques...


yeah sorry about the lack of calf shot, its mainly cos they suck haha. but i put one up of a back relaxed so you can REALLY see how rubbish they are :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah bro, i'll defo post them up, but right now i gotta go make my eggs and head off to train some mighty back :wink: will post everything up in a couple hours


Great quads. Hard to tell without more pictures but your delts and arms could potentially be lagging with respect to the rest of you...hard to tell for certain from those angles.


Agreed... I had to give you a 7 based on the back...Really makes your waist look smaller gj.


what are your lifts?


my lifts aren't really anything to write home about. bench max is probs 140kg, squats i usually do 5 or so sets for about 8-10 reps each. deadlift is 315 for reps, Ive pulled 405 once a while ago. im not a powerlifter, so weight is not really the issue for me. i think as long as you really focus on the mind muscle connection, then you don't need to use super heavy weight.

As far as training routine, atm, my split looks something like this:

Monday:Arms and abs
Tuesday: Legs and calves
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Chest, triceps and abs
Friday:Back and Calves
Saturday: Shoulders, biceps and abs
Sunday: OFF

Diet is as follows (i dont really count calories, i eat ever 2-3 hours and go by how i look in the mirror). I alternate between solid meals and a shake cos i dont have an appetite first thing in the mornings and also this way, i seem to get hungry after a couple hours!

Meal 1 - 50g whey+100g oats+omega 3,6,9 caps
Meal 2 - Rice, Chicken and green beans
Meal 3 - 50g whey+50g oats
Meal 4 (pre-w/o) - 4 whole eggs and 2 slices whole grain bread
PWO - 20g whey
Meal 5 - Chicken+rice and green beans
Meal 6 - ground turkey with some kind of veg

Usually drink about a gallon of water throughout the day

********Also forgot to mention, that im currently 12 weeks out from a show****


I would say it looks like your traps might be lagging a little also, something i am personally struggling also to bring up. As mentioned before calves and arms could also do with a little size. Great quads and back. Hamstrings might also need more work, the back of your legs seem lagging behind the front.


oh and i gave you a 6, nice work


yeah my hamstrings need work as well but i think theyre starting grow now that ive figured out how to train them effectively. traps have never been a weak point for me. the reason they look like they need more work is cos i dont train them as they grow REALLY fast. im talking, if i train my traps for 2 sessions, they'll look like theyre over developed in comparison to my back, so im just starting light trap work now! ive added a couple pf other pics aswell, side chest, back db and an ab shot from sometime last year when i cut down for summer.


quad shot


back db, this was from a while back, arms are significantly thicker since then, esp the tricep hang. back has remained somewhat the same, but just a little more thickness


ab shot, this was from last year


You look pretty Impressive. I gave you a 7. How lean would you say you are and how did you test it? How long have you been training?


i can see what you mean with your traps here, plus being leaner makes everything pop out in this pic


You look way heavier than 180lbs. Probably because of your back and quads, having a dominant back will often make you look heavier than you really are.