22 Yr Old, About to Give Up...

ok so ive got a very long story i could tell, but i figured id just keep it short and sweet to save some time… im a 22yr old male whos been athletically active my entire life. when i was 14 i broke my neck, which only held me back for a few months and i went right back in to football and other sports.

I was always the over achiever type with everything, girls, weights, sports, everything. AND THEN one day senior yr, i go to hook up with a girl ive been with multiple times anddddd nothing happens, didnt really bother me at the time, until hit happened the second time. about 5 months later, i had gained about 40lbs and started to develop a soft chest, and my testicles started to shrink… thats when it hit me and i went to my first of many doctor visits.

after a few visits i find out my test had been averaging 180-250, my FSH was low and my cortisol levels were down, yet the doctor told me i was fine. i started to become depressed and very irritable, and after years of doctoring, years of testing, years of eating as healthy as i can and exercising every day to stay as fit as possible and years of doctors telling me im too young to be on test replacement although my symptoms and levels have yet to change, im at a complete loss. there was one point thought that i got one doctor to put me on HCG for 6 weeks, and it was insane, i dropped weight and got so strong in a matter of weeks… and then he took me off of it and considering all the ways it effected me he wouldnt let me continue with anything, basically left me out to dry.

i know reliable sources to get whatever i want off the streets, but i dont have the slightest clue as to where id start, or if its even the best of options. im just here looking for opinions, im kind of new to this site i was referred here by a friend of mine who knows whats going on, so yea any advice would be awesome… thnx

Find a Doc that will listen to you…This is a serious medical problem and you need to figure out what is wrong first…jumping into treatment, especially self treatment from “off the streets” is ridiculous. I was in the same situation but I hammered away at my situation. Called docs day in and out, spent many hours researching my symptoms and finding out just what was wrong with me so I could KNOW with out a doubt what my treatment needed to be. I held my own when talking to the docs and would not compromise for the least.

I never took there word for it, I would check wat they said at least twice and if it did not make since to me I would make them explain it until I understood it or found out they were full of shit… TRT is a tricky issue today and you will be lucky to find a doc willing to discuss such a form of treatment but dont give up… be patient… I know what you are feeling…you feel like shit and you will do anything to fix it NOW…but dont be stupid…do the research, do the work, it sux I know but it is the only way that you can get better…I was able to tell the doc exactly what was wrong with me… I also told him what treatment options would be suitable for me and what to expect…I basically knew more about the subject form the research Ive done…ALOt of which came from these forums…

Having this knowledge made me confident and firm in my resolve because I knew I could feel better and I knew what I needed to make it happen…so dont give up FIGHT FIGHT for yourself and for a better quality of life…IMO if you responded well to the HCG then you do not have Hypogonad so TRT would prolly not be the best way to go…HCG would prolly be a good plan BUT I know nothing about your case so dont take my word for it you are your own best advocate…good luck

i really appreciate your response, ive tried to be straight up w doctors but some are just assholes… its hard now tho because ive seen around 6 different doctors, over the phone they act like theyll help but it just seems like a ploy to get me into the office. its always the same, i visit do an entire hormone profile, few weeks later i return to real shitty test and fsh lvls and the doc wants to give me viagra lol always

The hardest part of all this is finding a doctor who will listen to you. I spent 1.5 years going from assclown to assclown only to be told nothing is wrong. At 22 you want to avoid TRT and considering hCG showed some progress there is a good chance you will. Just keep looking. Once you go the self medicated route it will be much harder to get anyone to help you.

Are there things i could do to help me in the meantime? Like specific diets or supp stacks? Ive researched but havent rly found anything with good foundation

diesel - you really need more tests to confirm what else is happening in your system, like estradiol levels, TSH, cortisol, D25-OH, ferritin, magnesium, etc…

at your age, it is possible that something else got out of balance and it is causing your low T issues. Best to try and discover and resolve those issues rather than jumping into TRT for the rest of your life if at all possible.

read through all of the stickies at the top of this forum, call around to compounding pharmacies and get a referral to a good HRT doc. It is a long hard difficult process, but all of the hard work is worth it.

I wouldn’t recommend starting on any supplements except for maybe 6,000iu D3, Fish Oil, and a good multivitamin which are all pretty standard.

any other supplements you take may cause your test results to be all screwy (i.e. - I was on Saw Palmetto and believe that it caused me to have a estrogen test result of 900+).

If you responded that well to HCG alone, you may want to ask your doc to scan the pituitary. Did they ever test for LH or just fsh?

Post all your labwork, with dates, values, and ranges.

With the broken neck, it is possible you damaged your pituitary (this is also supported by your low FSH). You may be a candidate for a SERM restart (think bodybuilder PCT). Let’s have a look at the blood first though.

Read the finding a doctor stickey. Though if the cause lies in your pituitary, I’m not sure this is the best option as it would indicate secondary hypogonadism.

Where are you located?

I had two complete profiles done one with 25vials of blood and the other 27. The only things that were off were test, fsh, cortisol, estrodial was barelllyyy high, AST was pretty high, and lymphocytes were low. And ive had a plethora of symptoms over the last 4 years… havent been able to have sex since i was 18, and this all just came out of.nowhere… ive had scans of pituitary gland and all other endo glands, all.showed up good except the shrinking.left testie

Im in ohio… im at work atm but i can try to have my.paperwork brought to me… speaking of pituitary though i do believe my prolactin was slightly.high, but doc said not to worry about that. I am.going to take the advice of staying away from roids though, id rather.my body just be up to par on its own

Well, it looks like you are the expert here then…you know, since your hormones were “barely off”, there is no need to provide that info to let us try and help you…maybe one of us could ask our crystal ball what is wrong with you, since you are unwilling to provide the requested info?

Like i said im at work, i dont have the exact numbers at hand atm… but ill be sure to post them as soon as possible, sorry

your HRT journey is going to take years, not hours or days - so there is no huge rush is getting the test results posted within the next 15 minutes.

we want to help, but without facts we’re firing blind. We’re not asking for details just for kicks. Actual test results are helpful because what doctors and labs claim is “within normal range” usually has no correlation with “ideal ranges”

we’ve had people on here stating that their thyroid is fine and then later learn that their TSH was 5.5, but since that was just barely above the lab range of .5 to 5 that they were told it was ok - when we know here that TSH > 1 indicates non-ideal levels. > 2 indicates a problem, and > 3 indicates a serious problem. When you expand that understanding to all test results, you can see why we can’t just accept your word that your test results are all just fine. Check out the blood test sticky which has a few ideal ranges listed.

I.E. you stated your Estadiol was just barely high, by that I take it to mean that you had a E2 Sensitive result of 25, maybe 26 as that is just slightly above the ideal level of 22. OR do you mean you had a result of 60 which is just barely above the ridiculous max lab range of 54? when we know that a 60 E2 result is about 300% of ideal levels.

best to is to type the results into a spreadsheet and then post it on Google Docs and share the link here.
make sure to include test name, results, and reference range. Date and timing of the blood draw are also very helpful. and a list of supplements/vitamins/medications you were on at the time of each test plus corresponding symptoms at the time of the test.

Thanks purechance, as soon as i get home later ill put everything together and post it like that

Don’t give up on your own wellbeing. I’ve been dealing with dumb ass doctors for over 11yrs. And in the last 2 I finally hit the books educating myself. Its taken many trial and errors for me to find exactly what I need but if I hadn’t taken the risk I would still feel like total shit today. it’s not the best of safest option but sometimes treating yourself is the only option. some Dr’s have caused me more problems than I’ve caused myself.

The hCG proved that the testes are functional. What was the dosing for that?

FSH is a better indicator of LH levels, because LH levels are not steady.

So this is secondary hypogonadism and hCG is the treatment of choice for a younger male with testes that function well.

We need the lab work. Please read the stickies.

ok so tomorrow im getting all of my labwork faxed to me, so that im sure everything is there. ive also been researching the stickies as much as possible and decided to call around tomorrow about finding a different endo, and having everything i need prepared for the visit. reading the stickies and your posts(ksman and purechance) is giving me a little more hope, you guys are awesome. i guess i could have done a little more research on the site before making an account and posting without being fully prepared, so i appologize for that, all of my info will be posted as soon as i have put it all together.

we’ve all been there and done that.

glad to help in anyway we can, but note that we are not medical doctors (which is a great thing, but also has it’s limitations) you need to take everything you read with a grain of salt.

here is the most recent labs i have, i tried to be as informative as possible and this is my first time using google docs… hope it works right

there i edited it so that people could see

You didn’t enable the share function within that document.

open your google document.
go to the top right corner and select share.
then select Change under the Permissions section.
then select Anyone who has the link can view.