22 YO, Starting Seriously After Years of Bodyweight Workouts

Can You rate Physique Im 22 Year old 5"10 80kgs I have Started lifting Wieghts 3 months ago.I have Expirence of doing bodyweight workouts from last 4 to 5 years what should i do to gain more muscle mass?

Generally this topic is for people with specific questions that need feedback. So do you have any areas you are seeking feedback? You’re not fat, congrats. Don’t know what to say other than that.


Start weight training. You’re at a great place to start off too.

Starting Strength as a foundation until you see weights stall, then come back and give us an update.

Id recommend starting a log and learning about bodybuilding nutrition.
Basics as follows:
Protein: 1g/lb BW
Fats: 0.3g/lb BW
Carbs: enough to reach a 500cal surplus when bulking, 500cal deficit if cutting.

Get your sleep in order, reduce stress where reasonable, and learn to love the process.


very nice base to build from

starting strength, stonglifts 5x5, greyskull lp any one of those 3, while eating 1g per lb of your body weight in protein.

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  1. Pick up heavy weights off the floor
  2. Press heavy weights over your head
  3. Squat heavy weights on your back
  4. Repeat forever

It’s not complicated for the average Joe.

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