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22 Years Old...Secondary Hypogonadism & Testicular Atrophy. Opinions?

Hello everyone! I recently got diagnosed with low T. My doc, specializing in andrology prescribed me Clomid, 50 mg a day for 2 months. I also got a seman analysis done, and the result was that the little generals are in the mid-range. Not top-range, but not hopeless either. It took a few days for me to get my results.

The day I got my results, I was obviously highly stressed. That same night I had already begun to feel my testicles atrophy. I really don’t think I’m imagining it. From what I read secondary hypogonadism (SHG) can cause shrinkage. I used MDMA in the past and research clearly shows that it has the potential to disrupt the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes-Axis (HPTA). So this could be a reason for my hormone results. Been off it for nearly a year now though. And stopped alcohol indefinitely for around a month now. However I only started experiencing low libido problems (around 3 years now) after I started MDMA. So there is a good chance that, this substance is the culprit, which unfortunately according to research is most likely irreversible.

But my doc after seeing previous results of an ultrasound (due to left testicular swelling), wants to operate and remove a left “mild” varicocele and a few cysts in “bilateral epididymal heads and epididymal tail, up to. 0.6cm” as he said that the former can cause low T. And now I’m reading that cysts can actually also cause SHG. And he says, it can cause me problems further down the line in rgds to fertility. He compared it to as having a defective car.

But I have also been highly stressed recently, and from what I have read can also cause SHG. So there are a multitude of factors that could be causing what I am experiencing.

I wanted to know how long it takes for Clomid to take effect? I’ve took it for 2 days now and haven’t felt any different. And is there any hope of reversing testicle atrophy as a result of SHG? And can I foresee a future where I don’t have to be on meds as a result of things like Clomid restoring normal HPTA? Or is that wishful thinking?

I thought I attached my results as a jpg. I guess not:

FSH - 2.1 Ref range (1.9-13.0)
LH - 3.19 Ref range (1.150-9.30)
Estradiol Male - 97.0 Ref Range (0.0-141.6
Testosterone Male - 9.50 Ref Range (8.40 28.79) … Result: 273.79 Ref Range (242.09 - 827.13)
Free Testo Calculated - 0.187
Free Testo Calculated% - 1.97
Bio Testo Calculated - 4.39
Bio Testo Calculated% - 46.2
Prolactin Male - 0.23 Ref Range (0.09 - 0.76) Result: 5.29 (2.07-17.47)
SHBG - 32.50

Free Testo Calculated
Males: 0.167-0.588 nmol/L 1.29-2.87%

Bio Testo Calculated:
Males: 3.92-13.79 nmol/L 29.8-67.2%

Thanks for reading!