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22 Years Old Progress, 168cm, 64kg

Great upper body progress. Now where the leg pics at?

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Men’s Physique life lol

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Haha lol



do we REALLY have to keep flaming people for not taking leg pictures? Why not just rate on what you see? If he wanted his legs rated, he would have posted them, right? Not everybody cares what their legs look like. I’m not really one to say what another person should or shouldn’t value. He posted 6 relatively good lighting upper body pictures. And the response T Nation gave him was 5 posts about the thing he didn’t post. Kinda sucks.

OP: It looks like you’ve probably made solid progress in the gym. You didn’t post a before pic, so I don’t know where you started, but my guess would be that you used to be really skinny?

I think your overall back development looks really good. You’re obviously very lean as well, the definition on your back is substantial. That’s always a good look, and you’ve got a slim waist to go with that. The flared lat picture actually looks really good as far as mens physique standards are concerned. That’s a nice shape. Chest seems to be lacking a bit. I would want more size there.


Chicken leg ?

EDIT: I lift for 3 year, realy only the half 1.5 i started to train seriously.
This pic is 8 month into lifting:

BTW i started training cause i was anorexic weight 47 kg, doctor tell me to put mass on

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Your the only one that say something constructive,thank you.

Like he say i am ok with my legs at moment,this is why i post only upper pic.

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Here’s some damn constructive criticism: Grow them chicken legs lel. Just kidding.

You may be on the shorter side but at 64kg plenty more potential gains just keep doing whatever you are doing because it’s working. You’ll be filling out shirts soon enough and have to go up a size.

That’s great work then. Just keep pushing the calories up over time, keep working hard. You’re obviously moving in the right direction, at a pretty good rate as well.

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You’re a good dude flip.

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