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22 Years Old. Power Builder. Natural



Well, you’ve definitely got some good size in shoulders and back. What are your stats? Assuming your goal is BBing?


I’m 184 cm/96 kg

1 rep max:

Bench 165 kg
Squat 180 kg
Dead lift 230 kg


But look at dem legs! :anguished:


Think he might take the title of Chicken

Anyway great back size.


What does your Training split look like? Was joking about the Chicken thing btw.


What are your maxes in the main 4 lifts.


Just giving you a hard time. The top looks great tho! :grin:


Bench 165 easy struggling with 170kg
Squat 180kg eas’y 190 too shaky to squ at
Dead lift 230 kg good lift


I know that so I’m putting more effort down there but with slow progress


Not offended
Saturday chest and only 3 sets for triceps
Sunday legs
Monday arms
Tuesday off
Wednesday delta
Thursday back
Friday off


If your putting the same effort into Legs as you put into everything else you’re not at fault.


are you trying to compete in anything, or do you just lift for fun? what are your goals?


Yeah I want to compete I have made a topic on pharma stating that I would want to start using steriods


What does your leg day look like?



You called yourself a power builder. There is no such thing as a powerbuilder competition.


Warm up 4 sets of 20 light weight on seated leg extension
4 sets of 20 on lying leg curls light weight used
6 sets back squat going heavy every set and if i’m feeling good I’d go to 1 rep max
6 leg press heavy weight each set
8 sets of seated calves


Lol I know I’m competing In both powerlifting and bodybuilding and I did have 2nd place on national championship of powerlifting but my placings on bodybuilding competitions is not that good that’s why I’m thinking of starting my first cycle of steriod.


You’ve got a great base to work with. You won’t get anywhere in bodybuilding with those legs tho. Whatever you’ve been doing is not working and needs change; possibly a 2nd day of leg work each week to add more volume… also you may need to vary your rep ranges. Not sure if you’ve primarily only been hitting heavy weight / low reps


You’re saying that I should ditch heavy weights and start doing 15-20 rep range all sets?